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I have always had a close relationship with water, and my favorite watery places have always been rocky rivers, natural springs, and deep forested lakes. In fact, the inspiration for my second book, The Path of ELEMENTAL WITCHCRAFT, was a profound personal experience with the Spirit of Water at a spring on the side of Mount Shasta.

This last Sunday I gathered with The KINGDOM BLACK HAT SOCIETY at a local river near my office in St. Johnsbury, VT to give our appreciation to the waters, and to send healing to the waters of Vermont that have been so heavily polluted by the recent flooding; as oil, septic waste, and other toxins were carried in by the recent flood. While we are all trained in the psychic arts and the working of magic, prayers for the water are something we can all do.

When was the last time you gave your thanks to the water of your well, your favorite lake, or the river you play in? Have you ever considered the energetic impact you have on your own environment? When we realize that water holds memory we can begin to understand how our thoughts and actions play a major role in the health of our waterways. Plus, when we start seeing nature and the elements as being sentient (having consciousness) we begin to think differently, to show more respect, and to be more open to hearing what that being is speaking to us. While elemental beings such as rivers do not have the same kind of consciousness as we do, that does not mean they are not sentient.

To hear the voice of the River we began by finding a quiet place to sit or stand, where we could listen to the sound of the water. We played with the flowing stream with our hands and let it run over our feet, allowing ourselves to become connected to the water in a oneness, imagining ourselves part of the flow, moving our consciousness between fast-moving waterfalls, and softly moving pools. There is so much to learn from nature when we take the time to listen.

spreading love-





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