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We have been trained to believe that our existence is based in solid form, when in fact, this is just part of our reality. As a child, I would lay in bed questioning whether the experiences I had while dreaming and mirror gazing were the true reality or the life that I lived in the physical world. In the end, I came to the conclusion that both were real for me and began walking the hedge between worlds intentionally.

The Betwixt and Between refer to moments in time that are neither here nor there, day nor night, spring nor summer, fall nor winter. Halloween; which lies directly between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice is such a time, as are the hours of dawn and dusk. In such times, psychically sensitive people often experience heightened awareness and an enchanted or dreamlike atmosphere. There are places on the earth that share this quality, where time and space are slippery. Such places are often located on powerful earth energy lines known as ley-lines. Ley-lines are the magnetic and water lines that run beneath the earth’s crust; much like meridians and blood vessels in the human body. In such times and places, it is easier for our minds to enter a light-trance state; much like the state of consciousness we experience before falling asleep, and while in the betwixt and between the veil separating the worlds is at its thinnest! While a skilled medium is able to communicate with the dead whenever and wherever they like, it is wise to stack your deck; utilizing every advantage when learning.

While everyone has the potential for spirit contact, the skill necessary to do so at will must be developed, and requires a significant amount of natural ability. This natural ability is noted by random experiences with spirit throughout a person’s life; such as seeing one’s grandparent standing at the end of their bed on the night they die, or hearing noises when staying in a house that’s haunted. As I explained earlier, spirits require an energy source and that energy comes from the earth or a medium. For those who are not naturally inclined to experience the dead, and those who are seeking to develop skills I suggest utilizing all of the advantages, which includes working within the betwixt and between.

Dawn and Dusk are moments of the betwixt and between we can utilize daily. They are still moments when there is a heaviness on the land, and the sun below the horizon cast long shadows and turns the world to shades of gray. There is something sacred about these dreamy, between moments. Those of us who raise early enough to greet the dawn recognize the heightened awareness that accompanies it, as the slightest sound or movement seems bold and brash in the quietness of daybreak. Dusk has a similar altering of awareness; however, it is more languid, noted by all the folks who need a dose of caffeine or catnap as the sun is setting, and like the dawn, dusk is also a time of distorted shadows and wibbly-wobbliness. The altered state of consciousness experienced at these times is a great enhancement to connecting with our beloved dead!

If you are seeking to connect with your beloved dead choosing to do so at dawn or dusk will enhance the experience, as it allows your consciousness to be soft around the edges. Try sitting with your altar at one of these times, make it a regular practice, a scheduled visiting time with your spirits, allow your mind to wander and let go of the words ‘maybe, kinda, and could be’, be persistent and your sensitivity to their presence will grow.

-From, SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide To Death & Dying

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