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Beltaine…Super Moon & Energetic shifts-

Last week was a very intense one for me which included the tail end of a vertigo like flu & having my Kundilini (entire chakra system) spontaneously open 3 times in 2 days.  I had felt an energetic shift happening for about 3 weeks prior and as this was not the first time in my life it had happened I was not totally taken by suprise.  I was however a bit exhausted…Along comes Beltaine weekend and a Super Moon to fill back up the well that is my soul.  I started my weekend with a absolutely fantastic massage @ Satyaloka.  Massage, Aromatherepy, Reiki & Reflexology by a gifted healer were much needed and appreciated (thank you Damien).   Saturday morning came and I was ready to don my costume finery and begin my adventures.

I started my day getting to see my beautiful sister Stahr & her family along with my Mom…stopped by to bring my neice Odieya Rose a rose for her birthday.  My baby sister lives in Mass. & we don’t often get to connect as we are both crazy squirrel girls with busy schedules.  It was a short but sweet visit & then I was off & running to Worchester for a visit with the Queen Bee my Druid sister Genivieve before heading to the Beltaine ceremony @ Dreamland.  I have said it before and will say it again-I love what I do, my work is my life path and I am fortunate to have the life I do.  That being said it is also important for me to remember that all the groovy, fun spiritual things I do for a living are often for the benefit of others spiritual growth not my own.

Dreamland is the home of the Green Mountain school of Druidry where I spent  one weekend a month for 3 years delving into my own spiritual growth.  The spirit of Dreamland is so deeply connected to my soul and I had been missing her tremendously over the last 3 or 4 months.  I got there early and had plenty of time to slip away to one of my favorite spots.  The stone I am lying on is about 18′ long and has some seriously powerful mojo, I love just lying on it and connecting.  When I was in my Druid year I pledged myself lying on the same rock.  More then anything this weekend I think the time I got to spend laying there was the most needed, like a direct connect to the source of all.  Next to the beautious rock is the scrying well and newly erected Moon lodge.  I love to see the growth and enrichment of Dreamland and feel how present she is.  Druids believe strongly in the ‘Spirit of Place’, and the spirit of Dreamland is certainly magnificent.

The 12th annual Habondia Beltaine ceremony took place on saturday t he 5th under the super moon.  Beltaine is traditionally  May 1st.  I was honored to call the charge of the Goddess at the ceremony.  It was a truly powerful moment and fantastically groovy.  The words I was given to speak were beautiful and moving,  I did my best to bring them into my being then let the goddess weave as she would.  Connecting to the Divine in such a way is always intoxicating and powerful.  Going back to the words I personally resonate with “Worship me with a rejoicing heart, for all acts of Love & Passion are my rituals”.  This pretty much sums up my connection to god/dess.  My belief that we are all connected, that god/dess lies in each and every one of us as well as the land, animals, plants, etc.  often leads me to the understanding that the only true offering I can give is of myself-my love, my happiness, my passion, my sadness, my pain, my being….The ceremony was beautiful, the connection to so many dear people I adore was much needed…but atlast I left early as my Love was unable to attend and after all Beltaine is a holiday of Lovers.  So back to the Kingdom I did go following my heart to the one I love most.  I met up with my husband at a quiet little Beltaine get together with my Kingdom Tribe.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in (the Katt in me Loves sleep).  Then I headed back to Worchester with two of my dearest magical sisters Audrey & Nicole to take part in a Mayan ceremony honoring the Earth and Women.  Nana Wilma the Mayan medicine women I had met last year in November was back and as always sharing sacred space with her is an honor.  In part of the ceremony the women went down beside the brook and held hands.  With our eyes closed we listened and connected with the water.  I personally have a close relationship with the spirits of water and found this to be delightful.  The ceremony itself was very moving and I found myself crying more then once.   Spending this time with my dear sisters was a great gift as we have spent much of this life and many others working magic together.

This weekend was the anniversary of my marriage vows to Gaia in Stonehenge, I can’t think of a better way to have spent it….family, friends, my Love, ceremony, sacred space & a super moon.  My well is full, I feel complete and ready to resume my regularly scheduled life.  May is my birth month and I love it.  Next weekend will be superb as well, I am heading to Boston to bring my daughter Levi back from her first year of Art school & I am going to get to see the Avengers @ the Imax theatre while there.

spreading love-Salicrow

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