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Adventures in Sacred Space

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days where the colors were intoxicating and the sounds of nature sang out in song. As I drove across the Northeast Kingdom to visit a friend and explore their sacred landscape, everything was just a little bit sweeter, as if the essence of the day itself had infused my consciousness with joy! I am an eternal optimist, a fortunate person who experiences the ecstasy of living on a regular basis. Perhaps it is because I spend so much time with the dead, that I really appreciate the little things of life; for they are always speaking of these little joys and how much they mean in the grand scheme of things.

I love exploring magical places where the veil between the worlds is thin; graveyards, hidden grottoes, and the places stewarded by other people who honor both nature and spirit alike. In such places I am 'lit'; energized by the vibrancy of life or the expansiveness of death. Yesterday I got to explore both.

The woods were a thin place where the veil between the worlds was thin. As we approached the waterfall from above, the sunken grotto and the cascading water below radiated a feeling of awe. Even those blinded to the unseen world would have been overcome with the hidden beauty that was tucked into a bowl in the earth like a magical portal in a children's book. As we approached the water; following the winding path downward, I could feel the sacredness of the space settling onto me like a comforting blanket.

I approached the water and ran my hands through it gently opening my energetic body, that the water spirits that dwelled in the grotto may know me. Almost instantaneously the water beneath my hands took on a gel-like quality that is referred to as structured water. I anointed my third eye and crown with the water and sat down upon a nearby rock to enjoy the atmosphere and visit with my friend.

Science is finding that water a fourth state known as structured water in which water has a thickness to it. In this state, water is more programmable (think Dr. Emoto and his ice particles exposed to emotions and words). This is also the state of water that we are most likely to experience 'water spirits' in.

Somehow this place between time felt perfect for the wyrdness of our conversation, as it wove from Atlantis to the pandemic, nature the concept of time travel and teleportation. All the while the unseen, elemental beings of the forest were curiously watching us, and her little dog was on high alert watching them!

After a while we gave our offering of 'sacred singing, offering our voices up in adoration and connectedness, channeling the sounds of the betwixt & between, making time and space wobbly. This was much appreciated by the fae folk watching us, and soon their presence was palatable, a feeling of being watched without the fear of a predator. This encroachment of the unseen as they came closer eventually brought her little dog to standing beside me, then with its back up against mine watching the hillside above us, and finally to rest on my lap; figuring if I'm ok with this my lap may be a good place to stay for a while. (Whether she thought she was protecting me or me is yet to be decided)

After making our way out of the forest and saying our goodbyes, I set out for my hour drive home, content to listen to my favorite play-list and enjoy the endlessly blue sky of June. On my way home I found myself stopping at a roadside cemetery, drawn in by the majesty of this statue. I had seen it on my way over and found myself pulling into the graveyard on my way home. I wondered about the green for a bit, saying hi to the spirits who came out to see me. It was the perfect ending to a summertime adventure in Vermont!

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