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Stories of Spirit…Why I Choose Love [lessons I have learned from the dead]

I use to be afraid of the dark.  Not the dark of a bedroom with no lights on; but the dark outside the ring of the campfire & street lights.  I was afraid of the unknown that lurked in the shadow of civilization.   

This fear, was something I purposely worked with as an adult.  I remember moving to Newark, and forcing myself to go sit alone in my front yard in the darkness.  My heart would beat rapidly and my mind would race, as I imagined being feasted upon by unseen forces; such as coyotes, bears and crazy half humans.  I knew my fear was imagined, yet there it was.  Loosing my fear of darkness was something that came to me in stages; like riding a bike.  I strategically faced my fear; first sitting in the field alone in the dark, then finding my way through the woods by moonlight.  I was afraid at every step of the way, but as I faced my fear; looking it straight in the eye, I gained inner strength & the fear lost it’s power of me.

We are living in a world entrenched in fear; fear that seeps into every nook and cranny of our being.  We fear the neighbor we do not know, the police officer, the politician, the person who doesn’t look like us, the person who does.  We fear not having enough, loosing our homes, losing the ones we love, we fear flying, driving, walking, eating, and even god.

But let me ask you this…What good does all this fear do?  Does it help you sleep better at night, does it make you happier, safer, less vulnerable?  Like my fear of wild things in the dark of night, it has no benefit.  I was not made safer from my fear, nor was my life enriched in any way, shape or form.

One of the things that helped me face my fear; was the knowledge that I was not truly alone.  I may be the only physical body walking through the darkened woods, or sitting under the clouded night sky in my field, but I was not alone.  I had the Spirits of my Ancestors and Loved Ones to accompany me.   None of us are truly alone.  We all have Spirit guides who accompany us, and support us; often trying to make contact and let us know they walk beside us.  I am blessed that as a Medium, I have the fortune of proof.

When we live with the reality; that our Soul exist after Death, fear begins to loose it’s power of us.  For in reality the biggest fear of all, is Death or an ending of being.  I do not like pain, I do not like hunger, I do not like hatred, I do not like oppression, but most of all I do not like fear.  For fear is the soul eater; it paralyzes us and slows our ability to rationalize and problem solve.  Releasing Fears hold over us, does not mean we give up, give in and do nothing.  In fact it often brings about the opposite.  When we release the power Fear has over us, we step forward like a true warrior and say “Fuck that, this is not my reality.”  We may still have difficulties to face, and hardships to overcome.  But we are no longer weak, weary and downtrodden.  We step into our power and then, oh then…we can achieve wonders.

How can we make changes and face our fear?

First of all take a moment to sit with your fears.  Think about what they truly are, follow them through a line of questioning “And then what?”.  Once you are aware of the things you fear most, ask yourself how being afraid is helping you solve those problems.  Then ask yourself what you can do to change the situation.  I know many of you are at this moment saying “I have not control over the things I fear”.  That is true.  We are living in a world filled with chaos, change, and destruction.  But we are also living in a world filled with Lovers, healers, and magic makers.

When we turn on the news, radio, and internet, we may miss the lovers & healers.  We can’t always hear them over the clamber of the Fear Mongers, but they are out there.  I know my social media is filled with them.  I hear the comments, & posts of the Lovers and Healers.  They are the ones speaking up and saying “This aggression will not stand man!” (Big Lewbowski love).  I often wonder why we don’t see all the beautiful, loving, things that are happening in the World?  Why are we not seeing those things on TV, and the the Internet.  Why?  Because Fear sells.  It’s a fact folks.  When we are afraid, we go looking for that something, something that will take away the fear.  If we fear for our safety, we need to go buy security systems, guns, and alarms.  When we fear we will not have enough, we need to go buy more stuff so we have stockpiles in  case we need it.  Don’t believe me?  Stop by the local grocery store, when the weather report has announced an expected storm.  People are in there stocking up, like they expect a Zombie Apocalypse.

The lessons I have learned from the Dead about Fear, is that it doesn’t matter worth shit.  You can live your life filled with fear, hiding your light from the world & your still going to die.  You can also live your life out loud, choosing to be fully alive & you are still going to die.  But what changes is way in which you live and the growth of your Spirit.  Nothing is gained by fear.  But oh, there is so much that is gained when we open up to Love.

Love allows us to connect with the world around us.  It allows us to step forward and support our neighbors when they are in need, and it allows us to experience the beauty this world has to offer.  Love does not ask us to lie down and cower, it asks us to step up and do the right thing.  To boldly express the gift that we are to the world.  Love asks us to shine, and share our light with the world.

I choose LOVE…each and every day, I choose LOVE.  I am a Spiritual Warrior, and I am not afraid of hardship.  I do not call it to me, nor do I run from it.  I understand, that as a human being I have come into this incarnation to make a change for the better.  Yes we are living in hard times, but we are here for a reason.  We are powerful, and when we release fear; we give ourselves permission to step up and make the world around us a better place.  The first step to doing this is to choose LOVE over Fear.  Remember you never truly walk alone.  You have a whole team of Spirits walking in your shadow.

spreading love-salicrow

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