Stories of Spirit…Voices in my Head [part 2/Psychosis & Spirituality]


The path of the Shaman/Seer/Witch/Seeker is not an easy one to walk.  In fact many people who step onto the path falter; find themselves facing dead ends, and on the rare occasion the path takes them & their mind no longer works coherently.  I am not telling this tale to scare you or to enforce Hollywood’s whoo-whoo, mumbo-jumbo view of working with Spirit on you.  But to shed some light on the challenges of being a bridge between the worlds.

I have been fascinated for years with the slippery slope that lays between Spiritual Experience & Psychosis.  My personal experiences of waking up and stepping into my true ability of a Medium first made me think of this, as there were many times in which I had to wonder if I was crazy.  Lucky for me, I came into this lifetime to do this work & I had a strong team of Spirits who made it their job to teach me.  They made me look at & experience the potholes that unaware people can fall into when working in the unseen world & they enforced in me the NEED to have facts & proof.  They also reminded me to rely on my own Psychic knowing.  Again I am fortunate.  I am not only a Medium, but a Psychic who has been able to see/know things (past/present/future) since childhood.  I have worked as a Psychic, Reading cards for the public since I was 18.  By the time I began truly working in the unseen world I had over a decade of experience.

The obstacles along the path to becoming a Shaman/Seer/Witch/Seeker are there for a reason.  It is not a path for everyone.  This is not a statement made with ego, but a statement made to shine light on the sign of “CAUTION”.  I have watched personally as a friend stumbled past the sign reading caution and slipped away into a fictitious world of her own making.  It was a hard thing to watch, as no matter how many ropes were thrown out to help her stop her fall she reached for none of them.  The fact she does have some natural Psychic ability, made it more challenging as she started rationalizing to herself that if she experienced things which could be proven that other people did not see, then all that she experienced must be true.  She did not proceed with caution, and listened to any voice that would speak to her.  Tempted by the fantasy & illusion she found to be more appealing, she steadily slipped further and further away from reality.  She closed out many of her relationships and chose to spend most of her time engaged in a world of her own making.

What is reality?  Well that is a big, heavy question that I am sure can be answered differently every time it is asked.  But the reality I speak of is one in which we are tethered to the world around us, the world of our peers…family, friends, community.  When our reality shifts so much that we cannot function in our every day life there is a problem.  That is why it is equally important to engage in the world around us as it is to seek the secrets of the unseen world.  We have come into this reality for a reason, we incarnate into bodies for a reason.  Past lives, Spirit Communication and altered reality are interesting.  But so is living right here, right now on this Earth with the people we have chosen to connect to.  Due yourself a favor and engage in this world.  Become part of your community.  In our Spiritual world we must always be able to see/know the difference between what is of this world and what is not.    It is also unwise to let our ego run the show….when voyaging into the unseen world it is important to have a team, and not one made entirely of Spirits.  It is important to have connection to other travelers of the Spiritual path…teachers, guides, companions.  People like us who are seeking.  When we separate ourselves completely and believe that our way is the only way, we fall victim to the voice of our ego.  Our ego always wants to be special, to have more/be more then anyone else.  It is also the part of our mind most likely to fall prey to false truth, specially if it makes us