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Stories of Spirit…The Veil is thinning [Autumn- the Season of Spirits]

Well it’s official-I am back in the country & back to work, just in time for my favorite Season.  I love Autumn…the smells, the colors & the thickness of the Spirit world.  As Samhain/Halloween approaches the veil between the Living & Dead becomes thin, allowing Spirits to appear more clearly in our world.  During the months of September, October & November people are more likely to have personal experiences with the Spirits of their Ancestors and encounter other Souls who are hanging around.   For those of you out there looking for some personal contact here are some tips on how to make your home more Spirit friendly.  Please remember detailed, concise communication is best achieved with the aid of a professional Psychic Medium.  That being said, have at it…talk to your Dead!

  1. SET UP A FAMILY ALTAR- Find a flat surface in your home that you can utilize…shelves, window sills, dresser tops all work just fine.  Clear the space of debris, dust it off and give it a bit of a polishing up.  Gather pictures and items of memorabilia that remind you of your Beloved Dead (friends, family, ancestors & spirit guides).  Place  your photos and memorabilia on the shelf in a way that is pleasing to look at.  Place a candle (I’m not picky here, get one you like in whatever color and scent is pleasing to you) on your Altar for lighting each day.  *An important note about Altars is that everything on an Altar is placed there with intention.  Do not throw your car keys, loose change and other rubbish on your Altar, unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

  2. DAILY OBSERVANCE OF YOUR FAMILY ALTAR- Once your Altar is set up, it is important to tend it.  I recommend interacting with it daily & consistent timing.  It is more important that you spend time with your Altar at the same time each day, then it is what time of day you interact with it.  That being said Dawn & Dusk are strong times for Spirit Communication as they are Betwixt & Between…neither day or night.  Being consistent in the time you interact with your Family Altar & your Beloved Dead lets your Spirits know what time and place to look for you.  At the time you have designated for observance, light your candle.  Look at the pictures and memorabilia and talk to your Dead.  Tell them how much you miss them, talk to them about your life and the things you wish you could say to them if they were there…because chances are-they are standing right beside you.

  3. OFFERINGS & GOODIES FOR THE DEAD-One of the things I love most about Family Altars is having a place  to leave bits and goodies for my Beloved Dead.  My Dad & Grandmother were both smokers, so it is common for me to leave a cigarette on my Altar for them to enjoy.  Food & Libations are other common things to leave on Ancestor Altars, remember to bring things they loved in life if you can.  *consumables left on a Altar will not be eaten, drank, or smoked.  It is the energy of the item that Spirits enjoy.  That being said it is not uncommon to find these items have gone bad very quickly, as they are being consumed energetically.  Other offerings are also well enjoyed by Spirits, such as singing or playing their favorite music for them.  My Dad was a big fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival, so I play that for  him from time to time.

  4. TALK TO YOUR DEAD-I know I mentioned this one earlier, but it is the most important one of all.  Call in the Spirits specifically that you wish to interact with.  You are not just putting an Open House sign out, you are specifically inviting the Spirits of your Family to join you.  Talk to them, joke with them & do it regularly!

  5. LISTEN WITH ALL OF YOUR SENSES- Spirits communicate in many ways & just like us some of them are really good at it and some not so much.  When I say ‘listen with all of your senses‘, I mean use more then your hearing and sight when seeking interaction from Spirits.  Our sense of smell is one of the easiest utilized by Spirits for Communication.  It is easy for us to know when a Spirit of someone we love is around through our sense of smell.  We do not question what we smell, so it gets through our logical barriers easier.  Another common way for us to experience our Ancestors is to simply feel them around us.  Like the comfort of sitting quietly in a room with someone we love, the feeling of our Ancestors around us is gentle and unimposing.

  6. TRUST- Stop questioning so much whether you are or are not having an experience.  We are capable of thinking thousands of thoughts in any given moment.  So why are you thinking about Grandma’s chicken soup?  Well maybe shes reminding you of it.  If we want an authentic experience with Spirit we need to get out of our own way.  If we spent half as much time believing as we did doubting we would be amazed with the world we live in.

Well, as I said earlier this is the beginning of my favorite season.  I will have lots of stories to share and tips on how you can make your life more Spirit-full.  Thanks for reading folks and feel free to share.  Like my Facebook page Salicrow, Psychic Medium to stay in the loop of all my offerings.

spreading love-salicrow

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