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Stories of Spirit…The Symbolism of Cat Piss [it’s one of those kind of days]

Today was the kind of day that makes you want to slip back into bed and start over, or rant angrily over ever little dab of doing.  I have not for the life of me been able to find center today, and I am usually pretty good at that.  I have legitimate reasons for my wonky-ass brain state; the shelter-cat my husband had to have, pissed and shit on my bed last night…well that was just the beginning. I will spare you the details, and just say I discovered it at midnight just before going to bed.  Sigh…

So, this morning I woke from my bedroom carpet (said cat also pissed on my futon), in a not so pleasant state.  Now, I could go on a search for what this all means; but sometimes cat piss, is just cat piss.

I think about that a lot.  Not cat piss, but the fact that with an awakening Intuition, we can fall victim to seeing great meaning in everything.  Intuition is tricky; it is a feeling, a knowing.  It is not every time, and every event.  Even when those events are down right horrific.  To understand our Intuition we must first study it.

Everybody’s Intuition is different; or more accurately put, our symbolism is different.  That’s why a book on dream interpretation, is not a bible.  It is meant to give you direction, not instruct you on what is right.  When I say that Intuition is a feeling & knowing, I am saying it is both instantaneously.  It is that voice in our head that makes us go…hmmm?  Symbolism is the way in which we interpret our feeling & knowing.

Intuition, like I said is the feeling & knowing of something.  Last night when the indecent happened I knew it was about the cat, and I also knew it was not some symbolic message from the Universe.  I knew this because I constantly check things out with my Intuition.  I do this without thought, because I know my own symbolism, and the way in it speaks to me, so well.  That does not mean, I have reached my full potential, that I have no room for development.  We all benefit from keeping a beginners mind.  The moment we begin to think we have it all figured out…is the day the Universe kicks us in the ass for amusement.  I know…I learned that lesson along time ago.

Symbolism is metaphysical terms; refers to how our Intuition responds to imagery.  It is the gut response, the first thought we have when sensing something; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling.  I left out knowing; for it is with the sense of knowing, that responds to that which triggers us through our other senses.  Books on Dream Interpretation are a good start, as they give us a whole list of things to interpret.  But, when we are triggered by something; particularly in a waking state (conscious or lucid dreaming) we know what stood out most to us.  We also know how it made us feel.  That does not mean you have all the information from just that moment (although you certainly can), it means you know how you felt, how you responded.  So ask yourself…Did you feel threatened?  Did you feel excitement?  Did anyone come to mind during your experience?

Write things down, keep track of your thoughts and dreams, and revisit them.  Go back over your journals and connect the dots.  Writing in a journal is only half the way it can be utilized.  It can also be read, like a book of us…it is a book of us.  It is telling a story from our perspective at the moment we are experiencing it.  We may be experiencing prophetic (knowing of the future) things, and totally over looking it because we never looked back.

The world is waking up.  I like to call it Psychic Evolution, because I find the term Ascension a bit fluffy, bunny for me.  Like Unicorns should be involved, or it should be accompanied by a band of Angels, singing.  But in reality, what people are experiencing is much more primitive, raw, and Earth rocking.  Now, I am not bashing anyone’s love of the term Ascension.  If it grooves for you, go for it…for me, I will stick to my slightly-edged, terminology.

So, back to my original rant here…I believe we need to aware, and remember our logical brain is meant to be a companion to our Intuition.  We need both, to get clear information.  We do not want to cross over into the world of illusion; that does not serve the world.  We are here for a reason, and developing strong, Logical Intuition is the way to go.  And remember sometimes cat piss; is just cat piss, and when it happens we need to remember…we are not fucked up, or totally off kilter; we are simply having a bad day.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  I do have to say, writing to you…I found my center.  Thanks for reading.

spreading love-salicrow

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