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Stories of Spirit…the Ouija Board [tool not toy]


The most important lesson I learned in my early experiences with the Ouija Board, was that it was a tool not a toy, and that like all tools caution is recommended.

I often compare Ouija/Spirit Boards  to chainsaws.  Chainsaws are great tools when used properly, but without proper knowledge and protection they can be dangerous.  When approached respectfully a Ouija Board is a fantastic tool, that can help people with natural ability to connect with Spirit.  Proper protection is a necessity in my opinion, as the world of Spirit is not all light and sweet, filled with grandma’s and long lost daddy’s.  It’s as vast and complex as the world we live in.  There are wonderful, kind Spirits out there, but there are also those that lie, deceive and seek to cause mischief.


Beginning your communication…


I would like to leave you with a clear message that the Spirit world in and of itself is not a wicked place, that should be approached with fear.  But like a city you are unfamiliar with, it is wise to approach your visitation there with caution.  Do not rush, do not seek to speak to just anyone, and approach your experience with respect, and an understanding of the Sacred.

spreading love-salicrow

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