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Stories of Spirit…The Forgotten Dead [giving honor to those who go unnoticed]

As I sat this morning drinking my coffee, I was thinking how much I love this time of year.  I love the way the air feels thick with Spirit.  I love seeing the Extra people in my every day world, as the Souls of those who have crossed over become more tangible.  The thinning of the Veil in October brings closeness for our world and the world of Spirit.  Many people report feeling/seeing/sensing their Beloved Dead close to them, as it is easier to perceive with the Veil being so transparent.  As a Medium I spend a lot of time thinking about the Dead, for they are my constant companions and deeply connected to my Life Path.  This morning I was poked by the Forgotten Dead as I sat drinking coffee & perusing Facebook.   An article crossed my path about doing Ritual for the Forgotten Dead.

It was a moment of Awen (the spirit of creativity), as I immediately was drawn to the importance of honoring those who go unnoticed.  For in fact, many of the Spirits we encounter during the thinness of the Veil are just that…the lost, the lonely, the left behind.  I do not see them as Ghost, for they know they are Dead.  But more they are the Spirits of people who spent their lives without strong bonds and deep family connections, or lost them long before their own time of passing.  They are the Souls of the wanderers, the street people and those left behind to live & die alone.   You may ask why they have not simply crossed-over and become all that they are…remembering the many life times they have walked upon this Earth.  The answer lies in comfort & understanding.  To live your life alone; forgotten and without community often leaves a person with the belief that no one will come to claim them when they die.  In many cases this creates a self fulfilling prophecy.  It is not that they are barred from crossing over, but more that they believe themselves to be so and create bounds for themselves.

One story that sticks out to me is from my early days of House Clearing.  I had been called to a home that the new owners believed it to be haunted.  They were experiencing a lot of activity, particularly when trying to renovate the house.  New wallpaper would be torn down, they would hear pacing in the upstairs bedroom and other strange happenings.  When I got to the house I asked to start my tour in the basement.  I had already asked the homeowners a bit about their new place and found out that they recently purchased it after the owner; an elderly lady, was moved into a nursing home (where she was still alive).  They believed all of her possessions had been cleaned out…except for the suitcase which I found under the basement stairs.

The suitcase was filled with pictures, newspaper articles and other memorabilia that soon gave us the much needed answers we were looking for.  The elderly lady had raised many children in the house, including a mentally handicap son; who had died in the 70’s as an adult man.  When I went upstairs & opened the door to the room the pacing had been heard I saw his Spirit run & hide in the closet.  This was a first for me.  I had never yet met a Spirit that was afraid of me.  I closed the door and sat in the room by myself for about 20 minutes, talking to him in a gentle voice; telling him he didn’t need to be afraid and that I was there to help him.  Eventually he came out.  He pointed out the worn pattern on the floor where he had paced much of his adult life.  His mother who he loved very much, had protected him from the cruelty of society.  *Being mentally handicapped in the 50’s was not an easy thing to say the least.  She had protected him by mostly keeping him in the home.  When he died, he stayed in the home; for it was all he ever knew.   He knew he was Dead, at least he mostly understood what that meant.  But he did not know what to do now that his Mother was gone, or where she had gone without him.  He was lost…

I worked with the new owners of the house and they agreed he could stay on at the house until his mother passed.  For without a doubt she would come and pick him up as soon as she crossed over & he then would be able to step into his Soul fully; becoming all that he is.  The new mother of the house, set ups some rules that he needed to follow & was very compassionate to his situation.  A beautiful experience for a lost soul.   Unfortunately that is not always the case, often the Forgotten Dead are just that forgotten.

This October I encourage you to honor the Forgotten Dead.  Go place flowers on an unmarked grave, place a candle on your Ancestor Altar for those who have no one to remember them & sing a little bit while thinking about the Forgotten ones.  Sometimes it is all that is needed to help them remember they are not stuck here, they simply have to release and step into all that they are.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks and thank you for waking up….We need to remember we are powerful Souls & we can make a difference.

spreading love-salicrow

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