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Stories of Spirit…The Family Wisdom Keeper [holding space & sharing grace]

When we think about wisdom, our minds often go to the prophets, gurus, and religious leaders, of our community and world.  But in fact, there is often a Wisdom Keeper within our life who is much more available to us; in fact we most likely know them intimately, as they are the ones we look to when the shit hits the fan.  The Family Wisdom Keeper, is the mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle or cousin who the whole family seems to turn to in times of need.  They are the one who bails our ass out when the boat is sinking, the one who holds us when we cry and the one who gathers the tribe.

Wisdom comes from life experience, inner knowing and a broader view of the world.  The Wisdom Keeper is someone who is able to learn from the experiences of others, and then turn around and share said knowledge with the rest of the community.   They are not all knowing, nor are they required to live worldly lives.  They are simply the guiding light withing a family.  They hold the family together in times of need; such as death, birth, divorce, financial struggle and illness.  They give hope in dire times, and love when comfort is needed.

I have been thinking about the role of the Family Wisdom Keeper, a lot lately.  In this time of Psychic Evolution, we as a people are feeling a high level of stress.  Sometimes the simple, everyday things of our life get overwhelming; let alone dealing with acute distress.  The Wisdom Keeper, is a lot like a life raft…they may not be able to prevent us from feeling distress, but they certainly do comfort us and show us that safety is attainable.

As a child, my Grammy Brown was the Family Wisdom Keeper; who not only provided wisdom and guidance, but shelter and food to those family members who needed it.  Growing up, it was common for someone to be sleeping on her couch.  Some stayed for weeks, some just the night.  They came to be comforted, guided and loved.  She provided simple love and comfort…a blanket and a space on the couch, a home cooked meal, a good listening ear, and a bit of advice.  She was not a wealthy woman, who paid off her kids debt, nor was she a worldly woman; with glorious tales of distant lands.  She was a good, simple, woman with a very large heart.

It is important for us to recognize the efforts of our Family Wisdom Keepers.  They often hide their own needs, so that they can be strong for the rest of us.  They make sacrifices of both time and money, and they do so because they believe it to be the right thing to do.  It is also important for us to recognize our role as the Family Wisdom Keepers.  After all, I believe most of you reading this; are the ones who hold your families together.  You are the ones who put community before self, and I am proud of you for that.

I recognize myself as a Wisdom Keeper, and there are times when I feel heavy with the load of other peoples burdens.  But I could not imagine living my life, any other way.  I often refer to myself as a life raft, and sometimes the raft that is me is waited down heavy.  I once felt sorry for myself about this, and was having a bit of a pity party in head, over how much I had to carry, and how many people relied on me.  At that moment Peter (one of my Spirit Guides); who I refer to as ‘Big Business’…piped in.  He simply said “Well Sali, it’s a lot easier being the life raft, then it is being the person drowning in the middle of the ocean, looking for a life raft’.  Point well taken…I have never complained about my role as Wisdom Keeper or Life Raft since.  I may feel burdened, and I may wish I had more time for myself, but I am thankful that I am able to help others find safety, and I take a bit of satisfaction from doing my job well.

If you are the Wisdom Keeper of your family, or one of…as there can be more then one; make sure you take care of yourself.  Particularly in this time of Psychic Evolution.  We are all being bombarded with extra-sensory information.  We are feeling each others emotions, sensing the energy of our living planet, and encountering the Spirits of the Dead.  All this and still having to deal with paying our bills, managing relationships and finding our place in the Universe.  As the Wisdom Keepers, we must remember that we chose this role; we stepped into it by choice.  Now some of you will hem & haw here; telling yourself that you didn’t chose it, that it was forced on you.  But the true answer is, you chose it….You could say no; ‘no I can’t help you’.  You could choose to preoccupy yourself with your own life, and your own worries.  But you have chosen to be available and to hold space for the members of your family & community that need you.  When we can admit that we have chosen the role, it feels like a much lighter burden.  It can be a shawl of strength; giving you direction and purpose.  It can be the door to finding your place in the Universe.

As the world we are part of evolves, we must find solid footing.  We must stop waiting for the right person to come along & give us our direction.  We must recognize in ourselves the Wisdom Keeper, and look to our own Intuition for guidance.  This does not mean we cannot seek the help of others; but more so it means we must recognize that we are that voice of wisdom and the hand of direction for others, as well.  Remember, in a world of villages there are many wise women and wise men.  Breath deep, and find your focus…trust that you came into this lifetime with purpose, and remember its good to be the life raft.

spreading love-salicrow

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