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Stories of Spirit…Sweets in the Cupboard [when spirits tell on you]

When I joined my husbands family I immediately loved his grandparents, his grandmother in particular.  She was a tough lady with a heart of gold & a sense of humor that couldn’t be beat.  Her tenacity was in part due to the the life she had lived; growing up in  logging camp, raising her own children on a farm without electricity.  She was a Spiritual lady who often experienced visits from the Spirit world, specially after the loss of her husband and one of her children.

Grammy & I talked many times about my gifts of seeing the future and talking to the Dead.  In fact when I made the decision to do Spirit Communication publicly, she was one of the first people I delivered messages to; allowing her husband to speak to her.  As I said she experienced the Spirit World & had visitations of her own.   She would smell smoke and know that her son had come to visit or she would feel someone sitting at her kitchen table and know that her husband had come a calling.  These visits were very special to her as they kept her connected to the people she loved, who had passed on before her.

One night while sitting in my living room her son (my husbands uncle) came to visit me.  I personally did not know him, but I knew immediately who he was & I told my husband he was around believing he had come to visit him.  He had a few words of greeting for my husband, then went on to tell me that I needed to go visit his mother.  He then told me that she had been eating a lot of sweets and that her sugar was out of control.  As a diabetic, this was not something she should be doing…so I  went down to visit the next day.  I told her that her son had come to see me & that he came to tell on her.  At first she denied it, saying she didn’t have any sweets in the house.  Then he showed up…when he came in I could feel him so strongly.  I found myself holding my body like he did, and looking at her with a “you got to be shittin’ me” look.  He then told his mother that if she didn’t come clean he would stop coming to visit.

Within moments Grammy was up out of her chair, cleaning out her cupboards.  By the time she was done I had a brown paper bag filled with sweet goodies.  When I looked at her questioning why she would have so many sweet treats when she knew she wasn’t suppose to be eating them, she replied “they are for when the kids come to visit”.  I just laughed…as a great-grandmother, living in a senior apartment she did not have a lot of kids stopping by.  In fact all but a few of her grandchildren were  parents, as were a few of her great-grandchildren.  Needless to say, before leaving her son made sure to let her know that he would ‘rat her out’ again if he needed to.

I love this particular story as it reminds me how the Spirits of our Beloved Dead (friends, family, loved ones & ancestors) are still looking out for us.  They are watching and when they can they take direct action in our lives to get us on track.  Whether by kicking our butts or gently sitting with us.  Remember Folks…we are not alone.  Even when we feel like a ship a drift at Sea without a crew, the crew is there…struggling to let us know they have our back.  I hope you enjoyed the Read.

spreading love-salicrow

PS…Grammy Bickford passed into Spirit a few years ago.  She stops by from time to time just to say hello & I know she pops in to visit her children as well.

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