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Stories of Spirit…Spirits in the House [part 3/Safety First]

One of the more unusual parts of my job is taking care of unwanted Spirit guests.  When I get a call from a concerned family member about Spirit activity in their home my first response is to hear “Who you gonna call?…Ghostbusters” in my head.  *Please note-I take these phone calls very seriously, but having grown up in the 80’s I really can’t help myself…the sound track is there.  Once I get over my brief moment of 80’s flashback, I have a few basic questions I start with.  The first being “Are there any teenagers or someone with a mental illness living in your home?”  The second “Have you done any recent construction?”.

The first questions is by far the most important.  “Are there any teenagers or someone with a mental illness living in your home?”  I am sure you have noticed that I have compared teenagers to people with mental illness, this is intentional.  That’s because in both cases there is often a feeling of frustration around communication and the ability to express oneself properly, as well as the feeling of not being understood & a high level of emotional stress.  Under these circumstances the emotions are converted to energy & likely to come out in chaotic ways, such as poltergeist activity.  *When I say poltergeist activity I am referring to unexplained noises and the moving of objects.  When people are mentally unstable and feel they have no way of fixing it, it is not uncommon for them to exhibit uncontrolled telekinesis (Psychic ability in which someone moves or manipulates physical objects without physical interaction).  Basically-the moving objects and unexplained sounds can be coming from energy exhibited by a living person.  If this is the case your best bet is to seek professional counseling for said person & and clean your house energetically on a regular basis. (see house cleaning/clearing instructions below).

The second question “Have you done any recent construction?” gives me a glimpse into why you may be experiencing activity.  This is particularly true with old houses.  Sometimes house have dormant Spirits connected to them.  Souls that have not completely let go of their connection to the physical plane.  These Souls may or may not know they are dead.  I refer to Souls of the dead in two ways…Spirits-Souls who know they are dead & Ghost-Souls who do not know they are dead.  Either one can be disturbed when physical changes are made to a house.  That being said there house remodeling is not the only reason for disturbance, just the most likely.

I must say that one of the other issues that has made unwanted Spirit activity on the rise is pop cultures love of Ghost hunting.  True it is a thrill and everyone likes a good spooking, but without proper knowledge of what you are doing you can get into trouble.  I recently received a phone call from a family who had been using a Ghost Meter.  I personally do not have television and didn’t know exactly what they were talking about.  Apparently it is a device that lights up when a Spirit is in the room and has a green light for “yes” and a red light for “no”.  Kind of like an electronic pendulum, it can answer basic questions of yes and no.  The problem with such devices is that like a Ouija Board they do not come with instructions for protection, nor do they explain how our emotions can effect such devices.   So here we go Folks…Always, always, always use protection.  Always imagine yourself surrounded in white light, call in your Doorman (see parts 1 & 2 of Safety First) & state clearly who you wish to speak to.  It is also important that when seeking connection you are centered & grounded.  If you are highly emotional, intoxicated, scared or vulnerable in any way shape or form it is not the time to communicate!  Our emotions & energetic field (Aura) effect our tools.  I appreciate the nature of Ghost Hunting shows, but would really like to see them give a bit more information on protection and more warnings of “Please do not try this at home”.  Spirit Communication, particularly with disturbed Spirits is not a Parlor Game.  When we see our interaction with the Spirit world as a game it is likely to back fire on us and not always because we are being plagued by Spirits…sometimes we are being plagued by our own minds.

That being said…When you are living in a home that has developed a high level of Spirit activity it can be disturbing.  No one really likes to be startled & when we cannot see what is happening our minds go wild.  Remember you have a body, so there for you have more power.  A Spirit or Ghost cannot physically effect you without you letting it happen.  We are all surrounded by an energetic field known as the Aura.  The Aura is electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things.   It is important to remember that we can program our Aura to work as Psychic Armor.  Here’s how…close your eyes and take a few deep breathes through your nose; inhaling and exhaling deeply.  As you continue to breathe deeply imagine that there is a pinpoint of bright white light emanating from Heart Chakra (breast bone in the center of your chest), with each breath out the white light spreads out  a bit more until it is surrounding you with a depth of 1.5′ on all sides of your body.  Remember that no one else has control of your Aura but you, and like a shield it keeps unwanted beings at bay.  If you are looking to strengthen your Aura Armor I highly recommend using a crystal, you can wear it on a chain or shove it in your bra against your Heart Charka.  I personally recommend Rose Quartz to most people as it is a stone of Love.  As I am always saying “Spread Love”, it’s one of the best things you can do.  It not only surrounds you with Love, but defuses negative energy being sent your way.

So how do we clean things up ourselves?

Let’s say you answered “no” to the first question…no emotionally disturbed peeps living in your home.  And for the sake of conversation lets say you said “yes” to the second…you are in the middle of remodeling your home.  Chances are you have just woke up some Spirit who wonders what the fuck you are doing to their home.  In this case, I find that cleaning/clearing the house with Sage/Smudge and placing intention is going to work just fine.  Here is my do it yourself version…

Get yourself a Smudge Stick (you can find them at most health food & metaphysical stores).  Grab a small plate for the ashes so they don’t all on your floor, activate your Aura; expanding it with white light as described above & wear your Boobie Stone (Crystal Aura protection worn against the Heart Chakra) if you have one.  Head to the lowest floor of your house/the basement if you have one.  When using a Smudge Stick, you light it-get it burning for a few moments then blow it out; you are working with the smoke.  Go from room to room; working your way up through the house-remembering closets and cupboards.  As you clean each room hold positive thoughts in your mind, filling each room with love.   If you feel like the energy you are dealing with is particularly heavy you can add a bit of noise.  Have someone else accompany you with a wooden spoon & metal pot…beating on the pot like a kid at Grandma’s house; getting into the corners and cupboards just like the smoke.  When the house has gotten a good cleaning/clearing remember to light a candle in the center of your home (usually the kitchen) and imagine that positive energy spreading out through the rooms.  State clearly what your intentions are for the home (including the desire to improve the house through remodeling if applicable) &  that your home is a place of Love & Harmony.

If you find you have activity that continues after your house cleaning/clearing then it is best to seek the help of a professional Medium.  Do not give into fear, panic or emotional drama; for that is the energy that negative Spirits use most often for activity.  Remember you are protected by your Aura (human energy field), and that you have more power because you have a body.  Spirits are visitors to our dimension they do not exist here as easily as we do.  At this time I would like to remind you again that tools are not toys, whether they be Ouija Boards, Pendulums or Ghost Meters.  Like all tools it takes skill to properly use them and they should not be used while we are impaired in any way, shape or form.  Do not try to communicate with Spirits when you are in a heavy emotional place or intoxicated…it is a bad move that will most likely lead to trouble.  I hope you enjoyed this series ‘Safety First’.  Thanks for reading & feel free to pass it on.

spreading love-salicrow

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