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Stories of Spirit…Spirit Guides [ancestors, teachers, and guardians]

It came to my attention recently,  that I have never blogged about Spirit Guides.  I have mentioned them in passing, and speak of the Ancestors and Beloved Dead often, but I have never spoken of the Spirits that personally attend us; as teachers & guides.

First and foremost, I would like to say that everyone has a Spirit Guide.  Some guides are more active then others, and some of us are more perceptive in our observation of them. but we all have one.  The voice that speaks clearly to you in a moment of crisis, telling you what to do at that very moment…that is your Spirit Guide.  Moments of crisis are often the first place we encounter our personal guides.  This is because our higher self steps in at that moment, and pokes us right in the third eye.

Have you ever noticed how clearly you can remember the details of your surroundings when you were in a critical moment?

Crisis connects us directly to our deep-self; our wise-self, and allows us to hear, sense & know what our guides are sharing with us.  This crisis does not need to be a personal emergency, it can be the long, rocky-road of healing & transformation.  Crisis, refers to those moments when our normal, heavy rules of life, no longer work.  We can’t just go into routine, for we are in survival mode…we are desperately searching for guidance.  Those moments, whether emergency, pin-point moments or long, life examining moments.  These points of crisis are moments of opening, moments when our guides can more easily access us.

For most people the level of experience with a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel is more of a faith thing.  As in, we believe in them, may even believe we have one…but we have never had any personal interaction.  This is belief is often because we do not know what to look for, or how it’s suppose to feel when we encounter our Guide.  Hollywood, and a lot of New-Age, online sights; have a tendency to over dramatize the whole thing.  Which feels hokey & often leaves with more questions then answers.

I will try to explain things to the best of my knowledge.  I have been a Medium my entire life, but there is no manual…there is no perfect way to do it, and we do not get all the answers.  In fact, the Spirits do not have all the answers, at least none that I have met.  I have communicated with Wise Elders, and Ancestor Spirits with great knowledge.  But none have all the answers, or they won’t tell me.  So here are some facts, that I hope you find useful.

*We all have a Spirit Guide (some people have more then one)

* Often Healers, Psychics and the like have multiple guides.

*In most cases our Spirit Guide is someone we have known from this life time, or another.  They know us, and we know them.

*Spirit Guides speak in our voice.  Having another voice; other then your own speaking in your mind, is distracting & a bit unnerving.  Trust me…been there, done that.

* We have an agreement with our Spirit Guides, our life time guides made the decision to stay on the other side and watch over us.  We are a team.

*Our guides are not all knowing, but they are wise & can often see things we cannot.  It’s a good idea to listen when they speak.

*When choosing to develop a relationship with our Spirit Guide, it is helpful to keep track of our dreams and thoughts that come to us while in a meditative state.  Like Crisis…these are moments when we are more easily, able to escape our mind & listen.

*Our Spirit Guides, often have a clearer vision about our lives purpose then we do.  This is due to the fact, that they are not distracted with life’s everyday workings and the drama of living.

For those of you looking to connect with your guides, needing a bit of guidance.  You may choose to seek out the help of a professional Medium.  I have found that of late, many peoples guides are coming forward when I am doing Spirit Communication.  They are stepping up to the plate, and giving people directions that help them better navigate the waters of life.  I myself have been fortunate enough to gain knowledge from these visitations.  As the messenger, I get to learn from peoples guides as well.  We are living in changing times, big changes, evolutionary changes…I believe this makes it more important for us to create relationships with our guides, and learn how best we can be directed by them.

Over the next few months, I will be offering a series of workshops and events for people who are looking to connect to their higher selves and guides; beginning with my 3 part series on Spirit Communication that starts this evening.  I will also be offering a few video bits in the next couple of months on similar subjects…I hope you have enjoyed the read folks, and if you have interest in exploring your relationship with your guides, keep your eyes on my page for details.

spreading love-salicrow

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