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Stories of Spirit…Smells like Old Spice [Spirit Communication & the sense of smell]

Our sense of smell is an amazing thing; it takes us back in time & remind us instantaneously of people & places we have known before.  In Spirit Communication, our sense of smell is remarkable primarily because we do not immediately question it.  If we smell smoke in a smokeless house, we do not doubt the fact that we are smelling smoke.  If we suddenly find ourselves smelling cinnamon & nutmeg, our memory immediately takes us to our grandmothers kitchen or the favorite doughnut shop we visited during our childhood.  It not only reminds us of people, but events as well.  I personally have moments in early spring, where the smell of the waking earth reminds me of driving around back-roads, smoking cigarettes with my best friend from school.  This memory is so strong, that I can almost hear Fleetwood Mac playing on the radio & feel the hairspray in my hair.

Smell is one of the easiest ways for Spirits to get our attention.  I believe this is because our logical brain somehow gets out of the way when it comes to smell.  For some Spirits, this is the visitation of choice.  Kind of like “Hey, just stopping by to let you know I’m around” thing.  Like waving or saying hello, when passing in the street.  It is a simple gesture that gives reassurance.

My grandfather was a man of few words when alive & he was not much different in the Spirit world.  He was a man of few words, but I always knew when his Spirit was around because I could smell him & his Old Spice.  I knew the sent to be his as my husband is not an Old Spice guy, nor was my Dad.  It was/is a smell I associate specifically with my grandfather.  At the time that he visited me most; we owned a bar & my husband worked a lot of nights.  I would generally go to bed before he returned home & was often woken by the smell of Old Spice.  It would fill the room & fill my heart with the knowledge that my grandfather was watching over me & my house hold.

I am a multi-sensory Medium; which means I experience the Spirit World with all of my senses.  I see them with both my physical eyes and my third eye, hear them (mostly inside my mind), smell them and when I allow them to touch me…I feel them.  When passing communication from the Beloved Dead, it is common for me to smell them.  I can tell the difference between someone who smoked a pipe & someone who smoked cigarettes.  I can determine perfume fragrances and the smell of different baked goods.  Smells are often unique to the individual Spirit, my Grammy Brown for instance smells like Beck Hairspray, cigarettes & the outdoors.  I believe smell is a vital way in which we experience the world & a remarkable way in which we experience the Spirit World.

We need to take note of the things we randomly smell throughout the day.  Specially the ones that don’t fit…like smelling cookies baking in your office space, or pipe smoke in a non smoking building.  These are not random mis-firings of the brain.  They are signs that you are being visited by a loved one in Spirit.  Write things down, as it helps us remember how often these visits happen &  who we associate with what.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks & remember our Beloved Dead are reaching out to us constantly…showing us that there is life after death & we do not simply go away.  The Soul is eternal.

spreading love-salicrow

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