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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Evolution (expanding consciousness)

It has been a pretty intense whirlwind; of time distortion, the last few days.  I wrote about Thin Places and the Betwixt & Between, on Monday; and the Universe decided to turn things up a notch, to let me know it’s listening.

If you go online, and google Ascension, you will find a ton of articles on the chaotic energy we are experiencing & the expansion of consciousness.  I have written about Psychic Evolution (expansion of consciousness) many times, over the years; and do not believe it is something that just started…we have been experiencing this shift for years.  To make things interesting, let’s add some cyclically high energy to the mix (Beltaine-), and Tah-dah…you have a high energy slurry.

*Beltaine is one of the 8 Celtic holidays, that make up the Wheel of the Year.  Traditionally taking place on May 1st, Beltaine is an ancient fertility holiday in which people gather to bless the land.*

Over the last few days, I have felt like I was simultaneously busy and lazy.  It’s like I am accomplishing a lot, but still feel like I have a shit load of things to do.  Yet, I seem to get everything done in micro-burst of activity, and then spend what seems like eternity…literally doing nothing.  In many ways I imagine it’s what it must feel like to be a Race Horse.  Run, run, run, run, run….stare mindlessly into space.

Part of that whirlwind, crazy energy is just me by nature.  In fact, my daughter often refers to me as a Race Horse.  But this is different, and it is not just happening to me.  As we evolve Psychically, our mind begins to expand and absorb more information.  When we have a step-up in our awareness, we often need more rest.  Think about babies…they can get exhausted just looking at things.  At times of active, consciousness-shifting, we can find ourselves overloaded; just like babies.  Give your body the time it needs to rest; no judgement, no expectations.

Psychic development is like any other skill.  The more you use it, the better you get at it.  And, yes there will be people who are better at it then others…That’s life Folks!  Some people are faster then others, some people are smarter then others, and some people are more Psychic then others.  But that should not stop us from reaching our sweet spot.  We must learn to simultaneously have an open, receptive intuition, and a quizzical, scholarly brain.

The cool thing about Psychic Evolution, is we are doing in BIG TIME.  It’s not just happening to a handful of us, it’s slowly seeping out to touch, each and every one of us.  Often we are not even aware, why we are paying attention to obscure things.  But later on, they pop back into our head to remind us we knew about them before hand.  These little premonitions (awareness of future events), begin to happen more and more; until we can no longer consider them coincidences.  Sometimes the information we pick up seems so obscure…these are the best; as they point out things that we could not have known.  My advice…keep a journal, pay attention, and play.

Remember…Psychic Evolution will not be the same for all us.  Not only are some people naturally better at it, but it comes in so many flavors.  Some people will have more Empathic experiences; feeling the emotions of others.  Other people will find themselves knowing bits and pieces of future events.  Still others will find themselves sensitive to otherworldly beings (spirits, fairy folk, and the like), and the list goes on.  The reality of it is; most people will get a smidgen of this and a smidgen of that…making up our unique Intuitive language.  Discovering our language and how to best utilize it is up to us.  We must not put pressure on ourselves; this is about self development, not a collage exam.

Another bit of advice, for the journey of Psychic Evolution is…we are not alone.  The Spirits of our Ancestors, and the other Beings of this planet, are supporting us along our path.  We are the brave ones, who have come in this lifetime to physically take part in this change.  It is exciting and we are lucky to live in such times.  I for one know, that I chose to be here.  I am here to help usher in change, and I like it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.  Please feel free to share your questions and comments.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

spreading love-salicrow

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