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Stories of Spirit…Psychic Baby

My first experience with Spirit happened when I was 3 months old & my fathers Mother died.  I do not hold memory of this, only the story told to me by my Grammy Brown (great grandmother).  She told me that at my Grandmothers funeral I suddenly stopped crying and looked up to the ceiling laughing as if someone were playing with me.  As a Medium herself she could see that it was my father’s mother who played with me.  In my life I have always been aware of the fact that I could see Spirits and thanks to my Grammy Brown I was pretty comfortable with it.  She would tell me regularly “Spirits talk to you Sali, it’s ok”.  A simple statement without emotion, like telling someone they have brown hair and blue eyes.  As a child I never really put much thought into it, it was just something that was.  When my Grammy Brown died I was 12 and had still never asked many questions about my gift, those questions and how she knew so much about it and me did not get answered until way after she was dead.

In my early 30’s during the November Incident (the time period in which my gift as a Medium expanded greatly) I began to question my ability, who else in the family carried it and the likes.  By this point I had experienced Death in many ways, as my life has been full of people around me dying.  I wanted to know how Grammy Brown knew to prepare me for a life filled with Spirit.  My answer came from my Main Guide-Peter.   When my mother became pregnant with me Peter began to talk to Grammy Brown.  He told her that the baby my mother was carrying would be a Medium and would need preparation.  He also told her that I would be extremely sensitive and that my empathy would need to be handled with care.

As a  child I was extremely sensitive.  I often cried-not just over my own life, but things on television and anytime there was emotions being thrown around.  I remember my Grandmother telling my sister to be gentle with me, that she did’t want to give me a nervous breakdown.  As a kid this statement startled me, I didn’t really know what a nervous breakdown was but I knew it couldn’t be good.  This high sensitivity is common among people who are empathic/intuitive/psychic.  The sensitivity refers to the hightened ability to feel the emotions of others as if they are your own.  For me as a child and even into young adulthood conflict meant I would not only feel my own emotions but that of everyone involved.  Learning how to separate what belonged to me from what belonged to others was a powerful skill that I am thankful for.  Many children are being born now who are more open then previous generations.  I think this is due to an evolutionary shift, as humans we are becoming more…more awake, more intuned with unseen worlds and more connected to emotions.  We need to be sensitive to this in the children we are raising.  Many of them will have gifts far exceeding those of their parents.  With this in mind it is important when fostering a sensitive child to remember that the things they are seeing and experiencing are most likely real.  Be patient…when they talk about seeing a ghost or spirit or someone you cannot, do not dismiss it as their imagination.  Ask them what the visitor wants, where they see them, if they have seen them before and most importantly do they feel safe.  Teach them that to embrace their emotions, while understanding that some emotions they feel may not be theirs.  A simple technique for distinguishing between emotions that belong to us and ones that belong to others is to check in with ourselves regularly.  In the morning when waking take a few moments to see how you feel…how does your body feel, what emotions are you feeling.  Then throughout the day do this again and see if things have changed.  If you find that you are suddenly emotional look around the room and try to determine who this emotion can be coming from.  It is important to note that it is not your place to point out to anyone that hey feel angry, sad or confused.  Simply use it for a check in so that you can know what belongs to you.  Kids can learn this as easy or more easily then adults and it is an important skill for staying balanced while opening.  The world is changing folks…hope you enjoyed the read.

spreading love-salicrow

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