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Stories of Spirit…Meeting Biddy Early, the Witch of Ireland

A few years ago I went to Ireland.  It was a pilgrimage of sorts, as I was the first person in my family to return to the home country on either side of my family.  That part hit me as soon as the plane landed in Shannon…I was suddenly filled with overwhelming emotion, as if all of my Ancestors who had walked before me gave a sudden sigh of relief, like returning home after a long trip…For our soul remembers our blood and the land of our Ancestors.  I was in Ireland for 17 days &  spent most of my trip in County Claire where my mothers family hails from.  My dad’s family was filled with travelers, peddlers and the like so the country itself would be home to them.  I felt my Ancestors a lot on the trip, my father in particular as he was excited to be returning home & knew that I would be leaving a bit of him there on the west coast…

As much as I went to Ireland to connect with the land of my Ancestors, I had my most profound connection with a much more famous Spirit- Biddy Early.  Biddy Early was known throughout Ireland as a Witch, who lived from 1798-1874.  She was an Herbalist, Healer & Psychic known to speak with the Fae Folk and to possess a blue glass bottle gifted to her by said Fairies that was connected to her fame as a healer.  It was also said that if you went looking for Biddy for healing, she would most likely find you before you found her…knowing that you were in need of her services.  When I was planning my trip I decided that I really wanted to find Biddy Early’s cottage.  Everything I read on it said that it was difficult to find; over grown with vegetation on a rural road on the outskirts of a tiny town named Feakle, County Clare, Ireland.

The day we headed out to find Biddy Early’s house we had already been to an amazing stone circle and a lake known for its connection to the Fairies.  We had traveled a few hours round about and were thoroughly enjoying our trip.  The directions I found were vague to say the least, with most of them saying that if you found it we would need to walk in about 3 miles.  When we began to see signs for Feakle, I had an idea.  I thought…”if Biddy Early wants me to find her house she should find me.  After all, the legends claim she was known for such things and I am a Medium, it’s possible.”  We drove on for about 10  minutes and I suddenly knew her house was on the left hand side of the road.  I told my husband to stop, that her house was right there.  He didn’t believe me at first saying that he had seen nothing.  I would not be budged…”It’s right there, I know it its”.  So he turned around and we were able to find a small pasture pull off on the side of the road.  We walked about 30 feet & there up in the woods, completely hidden with branches and vines was an old rundown, stone cottage.  I began to cry before I got there, as I knew without a doubt that this was it.  The house was a shell of a house, but sure enough one of the window sills had been turned into an Altar.  It was filled with baubles and trinkets.  Stones, jewelry, an old shoe, bottles of whiskey & the likes had been left as offerings by other Spirited Travelers.  I left my offering and she immediately showed up to great me.  She was over joyed at my finding her house and was like an excited kid with a guest come to visit.  She told me about herself a bit, her work and gave me a gift.  *The gift is for me alone and as much as I  would love to share it with you I cannot.  She then told me I needed to follow her.  So I left the little cottage, told my husband that I had to follow her and started around the back of the cottage.   She led me to a overgrowth of vine, that made a roof of sorts.  When I was standing under it she told me to take some for my sister Sandy.  I broke off a bit and went to get some for myself, when she told me “Your not that kind of Witch, you don’t need the vine”.  I started laughing for indeed, I do not work with herbs, vines, roots or simples…that is the work of my sister who is a Ban Draoi (priestess/shaman).  I visited with Biddy a bit longer and then continued on my way.  Truly honored by my time with her.  I still see her from time to time.  As she stops by to visit when I have a client she takes a fancy to fixin.

Being a Medium is so much more then talking to peoples loved ones who have passed into Spirit.  It also allows me to experience historical and sacred sites on a deeper level, often accompanied by personal visits.  Many people who visit sacred & historical sites have emotional reactions there, as well as catching glimpses of Spirit on pictures.  We as a people are much more Psychically sensitive then we know.  All of us have the ability to sense the Spirit world to some degree.  It’s important to get out of our head-space, stop over analyzing and just be.  Learning to open ones awareness takes time, patience and a whole lot of faith.  It also helps to have a bit of guidance.  Sometimes just having a skilled Medium in the area will help you see the things you have overlooked.  The world is a magical place folks, go explore…explore your back yard, the inner workings of your mind and the world around you, you never know who or what you may find.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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