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Stories of Spirit…Love & Tolerance in Hateful times [be the change you want to see in the

Let’s pretend that all the people of the world are your relatives.  Some of them are easy to get along with, others…not so much.  As a Medium, I am always surprised by how much we miss our family members when they are dead; even the grumpy old curmudgeons and the opinionated loudmouths.  We may not want to hang out with them all the time; but suddenly when they are Dead, we find acceptance for their annoying behaviors & allow ourselves to remember them with love.  Now, you may argue here that there are those you are glad to see gone, and in fact there are people in this world whose behaviors are so horrendous; that we feel the world a better place without them.  But on average we accept the members of our family & tribe as being part of the world we exist in & believe they have the right to experience love and wellbeing.  We may not want to hang out with them all the time, but we do not generally wish them ill.

We are living in a time of high emotion; people are overwhelmed with fear & anxiety, and generally find themselves short tempered.  This is to be expected…not appreciated, but expected.  Our world is in turmoil, and we as living inhabitants of a living/conscious planet; are going to feel the pain of the world itself.  Now just for fun, lets add Psychic Evolution to the mix and things get turned up a notch or two; as most of us are developing a deeper level of Empathy.  We are feeling, sensing and being bombarded by the emotions of the world around us.

Empathy is the ability to feel/sense the emotions, feelings and physical pain of others & on a broader scale; the world itself.

Hatred and Anger come out of fear and anxiety.  When we are scared, we start looking around for who & what to blame.  This fear when left to it’s own devices can morph into anger & hatred.   And when it comes to where to place the blame, we have a whole bucket full of things that will work…” It has to be that guy over there, he doesn’t live like I do…he has more then me, she lives a life of sin & worships false idols, they look different, smell different, love different.”  Oh wait! Love is love, is love.  It is an emotion clear and strong, who we love may be different, but love itself.  That’s a Universal truth!

I propose that the only way to battle all the hate in the world is to open our hearts & connect with love; to the world around us.  A simple technique to place us in a space of love, is to take 5 breathes before responding to situations that trigger fear, anger & hatred in us.  In those 5 breathes, try to remember that the person in front of you is also trying in the way they know best to survive in trying times.  That does not mean we let them walk all over us, but it means we practice tolerance and preface every action of our day with LOVE!  It’s not easy to get started, but once we do…oh the worlds we can change!

I have been expanding my work into the world of video, and have added a video with more about this to my professional Facebook page…Salicrow, Psychic Medium….click to watch-  You will find the video on the side of my page.   I hope you have enjoyed the read folks and that you enjoy the watch!

spreading love-salicrow

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