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Stories of Spirit…Late Night Shoppers [Tales for Halloween]

The Veil this Halloween is particularly thin.  In fact I would go as far as to say it’s down right wobbly.   I have had multiple phone calls and random conversations with Folks who have been experiencing high levels of Spirit activity this month.  I personally love it, but can agree the Spirits are out in mass this year.  Every where I go I see them, on the street, in the park, at the grocery store…

A couple of nights ago, I stopped at my local grocery store on my way back from work.  It was late; about 9pm and the store was relatively empty.  Just a few people still working, waiting for the night to end.  Shoppers that time of night are few and far in between, just the late night-weird scheduled Folks like myself.  I ran into the store to grab a few things and was shocked by how many Spirits were in the store.  It is not uncommon for me to see Spirits at the grocery store, but they are usually standing next to the ones they love…hanging out, trying to stay connected.  But this night was different.  There were hardly any living folks in the store.  In fact-the produce section was empty of living folks, other then myself.  But I saw 3 elderly Spirits walking through the store carrying baskets.  This was so remarkable to me that I said something to my Doorman/Spirit Guide, Adam.  “What’s with all the Dead Folks in the grocery store?  The veil must be super thin this year for them to be hanging out here at 9pm.”  His reply was “There is an Old-Duffer in the next isle.”

I walked into the next isle expecting to see another Spirit, but instead I saw an old man pushing his grocery cart through the cereal isle.  He was about 80 years old, with a bent back and an air of loneliness.  It didn’t take long for me to realize the party of old Folk in the store were following him.  I wonder if he felt them, I wonder if he knew he was not alone.  I’m pretty sure the well put together older lady was his wife & the other men friends.  I wasn’t working & I do not approach people to tell them about their Dead without permission.  I find it to be intrusive and poor form.  I did however spend a bit of time that evening; as I continued my ride home, thinking on how much less lonely we would be as a human race if we were all able to sense the Dead.

As you walk through the world this Halloween season, acknowledge that you are stepping through a very thin veil.  If you use all of your senses you will notice that the space around you somehow feels thicker.  Like a heavy mist settling on the ground, it is comforting & exciting at the same time.  You may feel a bit light headed or wobbly; as I like to put it.  Take a deep breath and soften your eyes.  Allow your vision to spread out, so that you are focusing with your peripheral vision.  Pay close attention to thoughts that pop into your head, feelings & visions in the corner of your eye.  It is a wild world out there Folks and the Spirit World is just a dimension away.

I  hope you enjoyed the read Folks, I will be sharing a bit of Spooky all week.  If your local or going to be in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this weekend, check out my event on Facebook…Stories of Spirit-Tales for Halloween.  Tickets are available at the Grindstone Cafe in Lyndonville, VT.

spreading love-salicrow

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