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Stories of Spirit…Lake Morey Resort [a spirited retreat in Vermont]

While sitting in the airport yesterday, wasting time; I found myself reflecting on the last couple of weekends…weekends I spent doing Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication and teaching a class or two @ the Lake Morey Resort’s Ladies Retreats.  The resort is a beautiful lake side gem, in the Upper Valley region of the Vermont, filled with Spirit.

Over the years, I have grown quite fond of the ladies, the staff, and the resort itself; and have found myself looking forward to the first two weekends in March.  It’s not quite a retreat for me, as I am generally quite busy…but I do love the atmosphere, and the strong presence of Spirit the space holds.  Being there in a professional capacity; as a Psychic Medium, people feel comfortable approaching me to share stories of things they have felt and seen within the walls of the Resort.  It is certainly a place where Spirits reside, and I believe the fact that I am there & energetically open the entire weekend strengthens the presence of Beloved Dead, adding a bit of energy for them to utilize.

For Spirit to be active in the world of the living, they require an energy source.  This energy source can be produced by a human Medium, as well as the land itself.   Ley Lines are the energetic life lines of the planet, and have been utilized by humans since ancient times.  Stone circles, temples and churches are often located along Ley Lines, as are animal tracks.  The Lake Morey Resort lies in close proximity to the Chakra Ley Line, which runs from Danbury, CT to Lake Willoughby, in the Northeast Kingdom of VT.  It is named the Chakra Line, as it has 7 highly energetic spots, much like the Human body’s 7 Chakras.  Lake Morey, is in close proximity of the 4th Chakra/Throat Chakra…which is known for communication, and the Resort seems fully attuned to utilize it.

The Spirits in the halls, elevator, and rooms are generally good natured and pleasant.  As a Medium, I am fond of places like this…places where it is not uncommon to see a Spirit sitting in the ‘Card Room’, walking the halls or riding up the elevator with you.  There is even a cat Spirit that many of the guest have encountered.  This year, the Spirits were very active.  I had extra guest in my room every night, including a man who pretty much just stood by my bed as I slept.  He was not threatening, in fact…I kind of felt like he was watching over me.  This did surprise my friend, who was sharing a room with me.  But surprise is different then fear.  By the second weekend, she had gotten use to the extra guest and realized that she just needed to go to sleep and ignore them.

As my stay with the Ladies at Lake Morey grows, (I have been going for 6 years now I think)…my stay there also lengthens.  I will be staying for 4 days, each weekend next year, and filling my time with Stories of Spirit, Communicating with the Dead and Looking into the lives of the Living.  If you have not checked out the Lake Morey Resort yet, I highly recommend a stay…it is not only beautiful, but truly filled with Spirit in the best kind of way.

Well I am off for the day, enjoying the sun in Florida…I will be posting here and there over the next few weeks; sharing stories of my trip and bits of Spirit along the way.  Hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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