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Stories of Spirit…Julie [the Girl in the Doll]

I recently did a House Clearing at a home experiencing unpleasant Spirit Activity & along the way I met a Girl named Julie.  Julie is a Spirit, but she is not the reason I was called to the House.  Filled with Antiques and sitting on some powerful Ley Lines (Earth-energy lines) the house had plenty of Spirits in it.  Most of them good, with only one bad apple to spoil the bunch.  That however is not the story I tell today.  So let me sum-up the house with…it’s all good.   The house is clean & clear, good Spirits got to stay & the unpleasant one has been escorted from the premises.

Now onto Julie.

As I said, the owners of the house have some fantastic Antiques & the house is decorated most interestingly…kind of like a funky, home museum.  I love that kind of stuff, because it indeed welcomes Spirits.  One of the items I was shown was a doll, in fact I took this doll with me when I left.  The doll belonged to the lady of the house, who had received it as a girl from a relative.  The doll had originally come from tenement housing & had been procured in a bit of unsavory way.  In all honesty there was little harm done in the taking or receiving of this doll but this doll was special.  This child held the Spirit of a young girl.

The owners of the house and many of their guest who looked upon the doll got a bit creeped-out by it, because they could feel there was something more to her.  The owner of the doll tried to figure out a way to get the doll back to where it belonged, as she felt she held onto something that was not hers.  I offered to take the doll and as soon as I held it, I knew there was a Spirit of a young girl attached to it.  She felt sad & a bit scared.  As I walked with her out to my jeep I wiped the dust off her face & started talking to her.  I told her that I would be taking her to Aunty Baba’s house and how much Aunty Baba loved children.  My sister Sandy Crow is known as Aunty Baba to the children of our family.  She is the most amazing Mama-Bear I have ever met.  As I laid the doll in the backseat I felt the energy soften a little bit.  I went back into the house and finished my work.  I told the family about the Child’s Spirit within the doll and how I was going to give the doll to my sister who runs a house for Wayward-Spirit Children.  *My sister has a house that holds the Spirits of many children.  Children who when they die & need a sheltering space often find their way to Aunty Baba’s.*

Once I was back in the car and heading down the driveway, I found myself singing.  I was singing “Red River Valley”, which is a song that my grandmother sang to me and one that I sang to my children & now sing to my grand-children.  I was soon talking to the doll, who informed me that her name was Julie.  Julie died as a young child around 4 years old.  She was sick for a good deal of time, time she spent with her doll.  Now Julie resides in the doll.  She does not believe herself to be dead, as she feels very much alive.  I suppose having been sick and bedridden at such a young age, it would be easy to see that a body that does not move as you wish is still a body.  Therefore she is still alive.  As I drove, Julie talked about her life a bit, she talked about how hard it has been knowing that she scares people.  She was frightened and unsure and because she scared people she felt unwanted.  It was no fault of the family to have this reaction.  For a Spirit that is sad & scared gives off negative energy.  It feels heavy and fearful, and easily becomes seen as something to avoid.  Julie is a regular Chatty-Kathy & by the end of my ride we had become quite well acquainted.  I cleaned her up a bit upon getting to my house & have left her to rest in my healing room until tomorrow when she will go to Aunty Baba’s house.  She is very excited!

I would like to give a Thank you to all of the holders of Spirit out there.  All of the folks who hold onto Sacred Objects and hold Sacred Space.  On behalf of myself & the Spirits I work with-Thank you.

I hope you have enjoyed the read folks, please feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

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