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Stories of Spirit…It’s a Sweet Life [sugar-house spirits]

Driving north; on my return trip from Florida, I was pleasantly surprised by the steam and smoke billowing out of Sugar Houses along the way.  Sugar season, is a beautiful parts of early New England spring; something that brings family & community together.  Enjoying the nostalgia; enhanced by sleep deprived/travelers mind, I found myself thinking about the sweet smelling, Spirit I met teaching a workshop years ago.

A few years back, I was teaching a workshop on Psychometery.  Psychometry is the Psychic Art of using an item belonging to a person, to connect with their Spirit, or gain information about them.  A group of 10 women had gathered, each bringing an item to share.  One at a time, items were passed around the room.  We waited until each person had held the item, before we discussed what we felt/saw/knew, when holding the item.  One of the items brought was a small, white, enamel cup.


As the cup was passed around the room, it was accompanied by the unmistakable smell of Maple Syrup.  Each person who held it could smell it, and soon the room itself took on the smell of sap boiling.  The cup had belonged to the Grandfather of one of the participants.  It hung on a nail in the family Sugar-house, and had been used for years for sampling the liquid tree goodness.

The sense of smell is often one of the easiest ways for our Beloved Dead (family, friends, ancestors & loved ones in Spirit) to reach out to us from beyond the veil.  This is primarily due to the fact that we do not question our sense of smell.  We can catch the scent of the air, on a warm spring day & suddenly find ourselves remembering our teenage years, driving around the back roads of our home town.   The scent of aftershave can bring us back to hugging our grandpa as a child, and the smell of lilacs can remind us of the breeze blowing through the kitchen window at our grandmothers house.  Spirits are opportunistic; they are constantly looking for the easiest ways to catch our attention, and scent is a common pathway for them.

Often when we experience a scent that reminds us of someone we love; who has passed into Spirit, our reaction is two fold…we immediately feel the connection/find ourselves thinking of them, and then secondly we rationalize it.  This rationalization has to stop.  I am not saying we should just accept everything on face value.  Instead, I am pointing out the fact that we do not know the truth of the working of the universe, nor do I think we will ever truly know…for it is indeed a mystery.  Time and time again, Science has come forward and declared this or that to be true (the Earth is flat), only to retract it’s view of truth and recant on the notion completely.  With that in mind, I suggest that we keep an open mind & allow Spirit the ability to connect with us.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  Perhaps its a good day to enjoy some tasty Maple Syrup.

spreading love-salicrow

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