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Stories of Spirit…Inviting in Spirit Guests [part 2/Safety First]

As more and more people awaken spiritually the desire to have personal communication with Spirits becomes more prevalent.  I often receive messages from people who have unintentionally invited in the wrong guests.  This is not something that only happens to novices, it can happen to anyone who is not practicing proper protection when seeking communication with the Dead.

The big obstacle for most people is identification.  Unless you are a skilled Medium it is highly unlikely that you will be able to see & recognize Spirits clearly.  A skilled Medium is not just someone born with Natural ability, but someone who has practiced their Art and developed the ability necessary to navigate the unknown world of Spirit.  I was born with awakened Spiritual gifts; including the ability to see/hear/sense the Dead.  But I would not be working in this field if it were not for the intense training I underwent with Spirit.  I refer to this training as the ‘November Incident’.  It was a period of about 3 months in which I was being tutored by a group of Spirits.  They taught me, tested me & even tricked me.  Yes they tricked me.  They tricked me so that I would learn to rely on my own knowing instead of just accepting what a Spirit had to say at face value.  Any time we work in a world that is alien to us we must keep our whits about us, we cannot become complacent or believe that everything is fine and dandy.

Today’s story came about when a dear friend of mine contacted me about some disturbing Spirit activity at her house.  She is a skilled energetic practitioner and by no means a novice.  After answering my questions it became apparent that she had been inviting in all of the Spirits on her property that would like to join her.  Here’s the problem folks….You cannot possibly know of every Spirit that is attached to your property.  Even with a full historical accounting of your property you may still be falling short of the Spirits hanging out.  I have done House Clearings (Spirit negotiations/removal/space clearing) where the Spirit involved use to hunt on the property.  He never lived there, it was just a place he liked.  Another instance was my bar, which had a Spirit that hung out as well, the Spirit did not die there…he simply didn’t know where else to go-so he went to the bar.

When calling in Spirits to your land or home it is best to first engage in a relationship with a Doorman/Gate Keeper Spirit.  I like to call them Doormen as I use to own a bar & the Doorman  is the person who determines whether someone should come in, have their message passed on for them, or vacate the premises.  When seeking out a Doorman Spirit, I recommend asking the Spirit of a loved one to join you.   A good choice for a Doorman is someone who is protective, wise and clear.  They will be your eyes and ears on the other side of the veil.  Even if you do not feel you have clear communication with Spirit you can still seek out the connection to a Doorman/Gate Keeper.  Remember to acknowledge them every time you do work.  When I do Spirit Communication I always begin by inviting in my Doorman-Adam.  I also thank him every time I end a session.  Over the years our relationship has developed to be dear to me and I consider him to be one of my best friends.

It’s important to practice safety when communicating with Spirits, as you are generally a bit blind.   Don’t rush it, don’t open yourself up to any old Spirit that comes along, you wouldn’t’ do that in your living relationships.

If you do get yourself in a pickle, start by clearing the space.  Get yourself a smudge stick (most health food stores sell them), clear and clean your space from bottom to top.  I like to start in the basement and work my way up, remember closets, cupboards and the like.  Smudge is usually made up of Sage, Cedar and other cleansing herbs.  The whole purpose is to clear space.  When you have smudged your whole place, light a candle in the center of the home (usually the kitchen) and imagine the white light coming off the candle spreading into the corners surrounding your space with love and light.  If you feel you are still having problems contact a professional Medium.  Do not restart communication with Spirits until you have cleared/cleaned your space & no longer experience disturbing activity. Practice safety…always create sacred space, always call in your Doorman & as a general rule-be specific.  State clearly who you want to talk to, don’t just call in anyone who wants to come.  As a general rule calling in just anyone will get you Spiritual vagrants.  I hope you enjoyed the read folks.  Feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

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