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Stories of Spirit…Hugging my Father [stepping through the veil]

Laying under a copper pyramid; my body laid out with a crystal grid, I had an Exceptional Moment with Spirit…I received a full, tangible, hug from my dead father.


I had spent the weekend; working and playing at Robert Simmons ‘Alchemy of Stones Intensive’ in Burlington, VT.  I can not fully describe how amazing it was to be playing in sacred space with so many high energy crystals, and loving people.  Almost 200 people had gathered to work with Spiritual Alchemy and Crystals; with a goal of awakening ones Intuitive gifts and paving the way towards ascension.

Ascension-the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

My weekend was an intense one, as I was there both as a professional (doing Spirit Communication & Psychic Readings), and as a participant.  My days were long, with mornings starting way before I normally feel human.  Seeing clients during the time between workshops meant, I started seeing people at 7:30am, with my days ending somewhere between 7:30 & 11pm.  This kind of juxtaposition (two things being placed together with contrasting effect) of work & study, created a warp in the web of reality; making me feel between the worlds for days.

I feel like I cannot do this tale justice without first setting the space; allowing you a glimpse of the energy we were working with.  There were almost 200 people participating in the workshop, and hundreds and hundreds of  Crystal Beings.  *take a deep breathe, before you scoff off the idea of Crystal Beings, and remember the world is much bigger then we perceive with our visual eyes, and you are reading the blog of a woman who makes her living talking to the Dead.*  The details of the Intensive; the workings itself, the intent, and the content of knowledge being worked with; on both the Intuitive & Intellectual level were truly inspiring.  If you have never had a chance to connect with Robert Simmons through his writing or in person, I highly recommend it.  I felt honored to be part of such fantastic work.


Two ballrooms were used for the workshop: one for the teaching, learning, and alchemy, and the other for the shiny bits of Crystal goodness that was for sale.  The work space had copper pyramids set up in each of the 4 corners of the room.  The pyramids were programmed and designed with intention, and large enough for 4 chairs underneath.  They were created with copper piping; which was filled with high energy crystals, and each had large crystals placed around the base.   It is not an understatement to say the room buzzed energetically.  I will not go into all of the exercises we did, but I will say they were well crafted and personal.  Something, I found remarkable in such a large group of people.  So let’s fast forward to the end of the weekend, and my Exceptional Moment of Spirit.


The last exercise of the weekend involved working with a partner; doing crystal grids on one another.  The room was packed when I walked in; with the chairs removed and folks were sitting on the floor with yoga mats.  As I looked around the room for a space, I noticed that no one was under the pyramid designed for Ascension, and considering my ‘jump girl’ mentality…I made a Bee-line for it.  As I spread out my yoga mat, one other woman joined me.  We quickly connected in that open-heart way that comes when working with high-energy.  There were hand outs; that described the crystal lay out we were to set up on one another.  I had not received the hand outs, but my partner had somehow received two, so no worries.  As I began to lay out the grid on my partner, I noticed that our grid did not look like everyone else’s.  Then Robert explained there were 3 exercises, the third one being the Ascension lay out.  I looked down at my papers, and then at her copy & had to chuckle to myself as I realized we had 2 copies of the 3rd lay out…the one for Ascension.  After the first exercise was done, I told my partner about our lay out situation, and we decided ‘what the hell’…we did not believe in coincidence. & would do the 3rd lay out, 3 times.  After all, it was unlikely that we accidentally were both drawn to working under the Ascension pyramid, and then only got the Ascension lay out.

The last of the 3 lay outs for me was the most remarkable.  As I lay there with my body covered in crystals, listening to the soft music & vibrating with the energy moving through me; I journeyed in my mind.  Now, I am not knew to Shamanic Journeying & Vision Quest.  But this time it took on a completely real momentum.  I saw in front of me a black hole; surrounded by white light.  I did not hesitate, and walked through the blackness.  On the other side of the black hole, was my father.

I first noticed how clear everything was.  It was like sitting in the real world.  The colors, sounds, smells, feelings were all absolutely real.  Normally my experience in the other worlds is more like a video.  This was completely, utterly real.  My Dad looked like he did about 10 years before he died; healthy, broad, and a bit stocky.  Unlike his skinny, old man self, he had become in the last years of his life.  He smiled at me, and then gave me a hug.  It was like hugging someone in the flesh.  I could truly, feel him hugging me, as completely as I could if he were alive.  I began to cry….I cried as he hugged me, and my body cried as I laid on my yoga mat, covered in crystals, under the Ascension pyramid.  This went on for what seemed to be 10-15 minutes.  I kept saying, I can’t believe how real this is.  I then said to him through tears…if I can feel you this fully, I want to hug Grammy, and Grammy Brown stepped forward to hug me.  She also looked like herself at about 75, old but healthy.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands and smell her hairspray and cigarettes…..I cried with joy, and I cried with awe.

The rest of the weekend, I was astonished and overjoyed by my experience.  As a Medium, I see, hear, smell, and feel Spirit regularly.  But not like that.  Not so completely, that I would believe they were alive.  Not even in my dreams, have I experienced the world of Spirit so fully.  I believe I stepped completely through the Veil that day.  I did not just stand at the thin spot and connect, I crossed into their world.  In fact, I remember thinking to myself as I held my grandmother, that it would not take much for me to slip into this space completely, if I so choose.  I believe standing in the world of Spirit, that I could have chosen to release myself from life, if I had wanted to.

The next day, when riding home from Burlington; my husband driving, I thought about my experience.  I wondered whether I would need to enter deep trance to feel my Beloved Dead so fully again.  And as I sat there thinking, my grandmother reached out and took my hand.  I could feel the knuckles of her hands, so pronounced on her arthritic hands.  I cried…In fact, I have cried just about every time I have told this story to anyone.  The only thing keeping me from doing so now; is that I am at the Cafe & wearing eye makeup.  LOL.

I will be thinking about this experience for quite some time.  I will explore it and experiment with it, as that is my nature.  But for now, my take on it, is that I did cross into the world of Spirit; truly & completely.  I can not begin to completely understand where this will take me.  But I am a firm believer in Psychic Evolution; and believe that we are all emerging from our deep slumber, waking up and expanding.  We are becoming more, and I for one am excited about it.  I hope you have enjoyed the read Folks.  This one was truly exceptional for me.

spreading love-salicrow

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