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Stories of Spirit…Honoring Death as a Sacred Act [holding space part 1.]

Death is an Exceptional Moment of Spirit.  No matter how many times you experience it; it moves us, shakes us and shifts our state of consciousness outside of it’s comfort level.  As a Medium, I have a different view of Death, then most people.  I see it as a powerful transition, like birth; it is a passage from one state of being to another.  I have spent many hours contemplating the workings of Life and Death, the pro’s and con’s of being incarnate (in human form).

As an accomplished traveler of  Spirit, I have lived most of my life traveling Betwixt & Between, my Spirit journeying through dreams and visions of my mind.  I have remembered past lives & communicated with myself through time; since I was 4 years old.  I have always known that I was much more then this one incarnation as Salicrow, hell even in this life I have been many incarnations.  Death holds presence in such a way, that we all sense our otherness, the expansion of our soul and the deep knowing that this one life is but a speck in the sea of stars.  I have grown to enjoy standing present in these moments.

For most of us, the opportunity to be truly present in Death happens but once or twice in a lifetime.  In these moments the outside world stands still, and we are truly and completely present in the moment.  I consider it an honor to be present and hold space in moments like this.  In times past, there was great ceremony and honor in witnessing the Spiritual crossing of the ones we loved.  The modern world with it’s sterilization and hospitalization of Death, has temporarily robbed us the Sacred act that it is, but when we consciously Hold Space in the face of Death, we create an energetic space for healing.  Healing for the soul of the one who is crossing, and healing for those who stand present to witness the passage.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have forewarning that Death is near.  With that in mind I have considered both the Long Death & Short Death in this read.  When we are dealing with the Long Death, we have the benefit of allowing the Dying to create their own passage.  With the Short Death, we must rely on our Intuition and step completely into a moment with Spirit.  We need to rewrite our story…rewrite it to include acts of the Sacred in all that we do; most importantly when approaching Death.

The Long Death, is a dance with disease, illness & deterioration.  It is tragic, and painful; often filled with long moments of darkness and despair.  But among the pain, there are glorious moments of spiritual connection and soul level revelation; as Death is the great equalizer, revealing to us the truth we all must face, and showing us what truly matters in life.  When we are the one dying, the Long Death gives us time to look at our regrets, our joys and our unfinished dreams.  When it is someone we love who is dancing the slow dance of Death, we are given the opportunity to make our peace, share out feelings and connect authentically.  We are also given the chance to help them create the Death they are looking for.

When holding space for the Long Death, we are often asked to work as guide.  As guide, we must ask the dying what their wishes are; what they want their passing to look like, how they want their body treated, and what their memorial/funeral services should entail.  When given the chance, we can make death as beautiful as birth…planning the bits that make the departing and their family/friends feel that they are taking part in something great.  Over the last dozen years, we have collectively as a people; begun to crave something more in our experience of Death.  In recognizing that our Beloved do not disappear, but simply transform into beings of Spirit, we are able to find peace in their passage, if not celebration.

Facing the Short Death; the sudden, tragic passing of a soul, we must truly rely on our Intuition and our deep rooted faith in Spirit to get us through.  We all want to imagine that Death will step into our life and the life of those we love, with plenty of warning…but that is not always so.  As a Medium, I have the ability to see the blessings and obstacles of Death in the many forms it takes.  That being said, sudden death is harder to adjust to, as we have no time to prepare.  When it shows up, we often do not have a written outline of our Beloved Dead’s wishes for their spiritual passage.  In moments such as this, it is helpful to find center; through prayer & meditation.  We need to connect deeply with our higher selves and temporarily disconnect from the grief we are experiencing.  We must reach out to the soul of our Beloved, and allow ourselves to Intuitively be guided to what we believe their wishes are for their body and souls journey.

Whatever way Death enters our lives, we are capable of providing a more sincere; Spirit filled experience for soul passage.  This is not only helpful to the departed, but to the family and friends who are left behind.  Like a Spiritual Midwife, we must step forward as guide and anchor for those who have not the ability to find safe waters.  I believe the world is whispering to us, calling us to wake up and take our rightful place as Spiritual beings.  Those of us who hear the call, must make it our responsibility to act as the representative of the Sacred in our families and communities.  The rewards are plenty.  I hope you enjoyed this read, and will check in later this week for part 2…in which I give guidance on how you can transform the transition of Death for those you love.

spreading love-salicrow

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