Stories of Spirit…Faith in Dying [embracing death]


Faith is the key to a good death.  I am not talking about religious faith, although that can be helpful.    The Faith I speak of is to trust in the process of death itself.


We all know that Death awaits us, we know that like all who have walked before us, and all who walk behind us, we will die.  It is the most predictable thing we will experience on our walk upon the Earth.  Yet many of us struggle when Death brushes up next to us, we fight the inevitable, bucking and screaming like wild banshees, saying this should not happen to me.

I am not suggesting that people throw in the towel whenever illness presents itself, nor am I saying we should stop striving for life, health, and more time.  I am saying that we as a people have to become comfortable with the concept of Death, we need to have faith in the process and accept that it is natural and sound.


Many people struggle with Death, unable to find solace and comfort in the last hours of their life…but still they die.  Even if I didn’t know there was something more waiting for me on the other side, I believe I would still embrace the act o