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Stories of Spirit…Everything in it’s Place [Heartfelt Holiday Tales]

As a Medium, I get to experience a tremendous amount of Love, when communicating with Beloved Dead (friends, family, loved ones and ancestors).  I get to feel their emotions; through a deep form of Empathy that feels like melding with the feelings of the Spirit I connect with.  The feelings transmitted help me to better understand what they are trying to say to their living-loved ones & I often walk away  knowing what it is like to love guest attending my Seances.  I have experienced such devotion between couples; that their separation by Death does not dilute it’s depth.  I have stood witness to tales of love that the Hallmark channel would die for (pun intended…).  The story I tell today is just such a tale.

I was working a Family Seance in the Upper Valley of Vermont when a woman came through to speak to her husband.  She had died suddenly many years before (by many years I mean somewhere around 30 years)…this was their first opportunity to communicate since her passing.   The Wife (Spirit) was overjoyed with the opportunity to connect with her husband, and as she spoke it became apparent that he had not moved on…he still mourned her.  After her passing he had changed nothing in the house.  This is not an uncommon thing.  Often people have a hard time removing items that remind them of their Beloved Dead; feeling that they will forget or loose connection with those they love if they do.  This however, was a exceptional example of that devotion; for the Husband had truly not moved a thing….Her sweater still hung on the bedpost & her makeup was still on the bathroom counter.  All of her belongings had been dusted and replaced in their spots for years, and years, and years.  The Wife spoke to her Husband about the importance of healing & moving on with his life.  She wanted him to know that those things were not necessary for her to stay around, she would stay close because she loved him.

I do not know if he ever moved her belongings, I figure they are most likely just where she left them.  Love is the most important thing of all, I truly believe this…It is what we are all searching for.  Some of us are luckier then others and get to experience that all-empowering-love on a soul level.  Soul level love is not limited to our lovers/partners.  Soul level love can be experienced between parent & child, siblings & friends.  It is those glorious moments when 2 people really get one another.  The kindred spark that lies in Soul level relationships is one that crosses the borders of life and death, life time after lifetime.  I am a fortunate person; I have experienced Soul level relationships in my own life & had the pleasure of experiencing them through other peoples lives.

This holiday season, spend some connecting with the people you share Soul level relationships with.  Pick up the phone, grab a cup of coffee, have a family gathering.  Big of small, perfect setting or 20 minutes  in the school parking lot waiting to pick up the kids…in life & relationships it is often about making time.  Nothing fancy is needed.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.  I will be sharing Heartfelt Holiday Tales from now until the Winter Solstice, so stay tuned & share with those you think may like it.

spreading love-salicrow

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