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Stories of Spirit…Embracing the Dark [the power of winter]

Winter has settled on the Kingdom.  The fields and forest are covered in snow, and you can smell a hint of wood smoke in the air.  It’s time for wooly socks, neck warmers, sweaters and hats, and a hot cup of coffee close at hand.  It is also a time for reflection and dreaming.

I love Winter, something not everyone will say, but I do.  I love how it makes me spend time snuzzled down with blankets and paper, my mind a whir of possibilities.  I love reflecting on the events of the warm months, and planning for the year ahead.  I often relate myself to Mr. Badger, from the Wind and the Willows.  Because I am more about warm comforts and deep thoughts, then I am about playing in the snow.  I love Winter because it makes me slow down, and I need that.

There is something magical about living in a climate that changes seasonally.  It’s changes are chart-able, yet seldom predictable.  With the right clothing (and a love for dress up) these changes can be fun and adventurous.  When unprepared we can find it challenging and unpleasant.  I can’t help but see how the change of seasons is much like live itself.  When prepared it can be enjoyable and exciting, when caught off guard it can be overwhelming.

Winter is when I look more deeply into my own life.  I like to start my year with a personal Reading, looking deeply into my coming year, like reading a road map.  I know that it is only a map, and like all maps, it does not foresee delays, obstacles and detours.  But if I zoom in and think of my viewing more like a GPS, it can foretell more of the details, showing where rerouting me be advised.

The GPS vision is what happens when we meditate on the information received in a Psychic Reading.  When receiving a Psychic Reading we need to remember that it is the path before us, should we choose to stay on the map.  When we look deeper, when we question the information given, we can examine the bits closer; giving us the information needed to reroute.  This too is like Winter, for anyone living in an area that experiences snow, sleet, or slush, knows which roads to take when weather is bad.  How lucky we are to be given the dark months to look into ourselves, to examine what we have learned, and plot out what we want in our lives.  Specially, since such plotting is best done in warm pajamas, and dim lighting…perfect for the early winter evenings.

The darkness is our friend, and just as necessary as the light.  When we approach our own healing, and personal growth, we must remember this.  The light will only show us so much.  Like a flashlight on a dark winter evening, it will only illuminate a small area.  But if instead we learn to see in the dark, to let our eyes adjust we will be surprised by the gems hidden there.  The darkness holds many mysteries, us being one of them.  I mean really, how many of you actually know yourself?  Not just the outer layer you have molded to be seen in the light, but the real you.

Winter makes us think, our mind searches and searches for that which can be shaped into being.  It is the perfect time for crafting oneself.  Look into your dark bits, your awkward, wyrd, and un-glossed bits.  Really look at them, and ask yourself why it is you hide them.  Are they really so bad?  We all have darkness inside of us, whether it be a snarky sense of humor, a sense of entitlement, self loathing, or lying.  I am not saying to let yourself be a royal bitch, I am simply saying what good has hiding done to help you face those parts you don’t admire in yourself.

By taking our shadowy bits out to look at in Winters night, we can look at it without the bright light of the sun illuminating every imperfection.  It’s a good time to begin our work with shadow, for the darkness makes it seem more approachable.

I hope you enjoyed the read Folks, and that your new year is full of love, joy and adventure.

spreading love-salicrow

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