STORIES OF SPIRIT…Dreaming of the Dead [spirit visitation through dreams]

Dreaming in the Elfgarden, Harfnarfjodur, Iceland

Dreaming in the Elfgarden, Harfnarfjodur, Iceland

One of the most common ways in which our Beloved Dead visit us, is through our dreams.  This is because we have no control over what our mind shows us while we are sleeping.  The truth is; the Spirits of our loved ones are often with us, trying to make contact.  But most of us have thick walls of doubt for them to get through; walls that do not exist in the dream world.  These walls, exist for most people; including myself.

I have always been visited by Spirits, but through my life the degree in which it happened has developed significantly.  In my youth, I knew when Spirits were present, often seeing/hearing/feeling them, but the actual ability to communicate without tools (Ouija boards/pendulums) was something that I did not have until I was 30 & experienced a major opening, that brought my walls down.  I refer to that opening as the November Incident, but that’s a tale for another day.

So, if I do a flash-back sequence to my youth here…we will see that Spirits often utilized my dreams as a way of contacting me…



Dreams have always been a powerful thing for me.  I have been a lucid dreamer my whole life; which means I am conscious of the fact I