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Stories of Spirit…Dogs smell the Dead [Animals ability to sense Spirits]

Kate the Loved-our family dog-now in Spirit

Kate the Loved-our family dog-now in Spirit

We all know that Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but what most people don’t realize is this includes the ability to smell the Spirits of their Beloved Dead.  When I go to peoples houses for a Seance I can usually tell when walking in the door if the Spirit I have come to communicate with belonged to the Dog of the house.  Notice I said if they Spirit belonged to the Dog.  I say this because dogs have their own view on the relationships they have with people.  For example-I am always telling people that I am not a dog person, but dogs disagree with me on this subject.   I say this because I have never wanted my own dog, nor am I overwhelmed with the desire to connect to dogs when I see them.  That being said-dogs love me.  I believe this is because I smell like their Beloved Dead.

As a Medium I am a conduit for Spirit, kind of like an electrical cord.  I am the vessel in which they channel their energy.  Being around a Medium makes everything a little bit more real for Spirits.  They can see, smell, and feel more intensely when around someone with Mediumship abilities.  This apparently also allows them to be more present in our world & perceivable by scent to our four legged friends…particularly dogs.

The story I tell today is one dog & his human…

I went to a Seance for a family who had lost their husband &  father.  The man had been well loved, in fact I had done Seances for various members of his family who were truly at a loss with his passing.  I knew it would be an emotional event as I was now doing Spirit Communication for the nucleus of his family…his wife & children.  The family decided that they would like to have the Seance in the living room where they could cuddle up and support each other.  I took my seat in an over-sized recliner & was soon joined by a small dog.  Like I said-I am not a dog person, so I gently escorted the pooch to the floor.  He immediately jumped back into my lap.  This went on for a few minutes, with the family trying to hold the dog themselves & other various ways of keeping the dog off my lap.  As the Seance started I heard clearly “That’s my dog”.  I communicated this to the family & they said “yes, the dog belonged to our Dad & went everywhere with him”.  That being said I consented to the company of the little furry being sitting in my lap for the duration of the Seance.  He looked up at me lovingly the entire time, curled up like we had been friends forever.  When the Seance came to an end and the dogs owner departed…the dog jumped off my lap and began searching the house; room to room, looking for his human companion.

Over the years I have seen this often.  In fact I often find myself negotiating on the dogs behalf, telling their owner that it’s OK for the dog to stay.  I can always tell the dog that belongs to the Spirit I am bringing in, for they are persistent…the family often saying “I don’t know what’s gotten into them”.  I do…they want to visit with their loved ones as well.  When given permission to stay, they are usually content with sitting at my feet and looking up lovingly at me.  Occasionally they need to lick my ankles or jump in my lap, but I have come to accept this as part of my job…for they too are missing their Beloved.

So the next time your pooch is running around the house, all excited over nothing-consider the fact that perhaps it is a loved one come a calling.  I hope you enjoy the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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