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Stories of Spirit…Dancing with my Spirits [trance-meditation & spirit contact]

Dancing transports me to an altered state, one where the world of thoughts & conversations are absorbed into the background.  I loose myself to the music & movement, weaving through time & space to the raw moment of being.  This altered brain space, induced by the ecstasy of dance is perfect for Spirit Contact; for we have stepped out of the ordinary and into the place of Betwixt & Between.  Over the years my sister Sandy & I have taught many workshops geared toward helping people make personal connection with their Beloved Dead, & dancing is always a part of it.  The dancing I am talking about is not beautiful, structured or choreographed.  It is raw, vulnerable and wild.  It is about letting go of the idea that you are performing for an audience & stepping onto the floor for yourself & the worlds you want to explore.  When I say that dance is a perfect medium for Spirit contact, I am not talking about communication…but being in the presence of Spirit.

It is important to enter onto the floor without expectations.  The floor can be in your living room, in your yard or at at a club.  (I personally have a serious love of live music & love dancing within that symbiotic relationship.)  Clear your mind, like I said keep your expectations low…this is not about spending your time looking for contact, simply ask your Beloved Dead to join you in your dance.  I like to partially close my eyes, & open my peripheral vision, this helps keep my mind off the other dancers; without stepping on their toes.  I find that some Spirits are more likely to join us then others.  Some simply step into our Aura (the energy field that surrounds all living beings), other get their boogie on with us.

If your not a dancer, then take a seat…close your eyes and breathe deep, let the music take you outside of your everyday worries.  Begin to make slow, rhythmic movement…swaying back in forth (a rocking chair is a good tool here).  As you breathe, imagine that the music is expanding your being.  After all, we are not as solid as we believe.  Within this space of expansion ask your Beloved Dead to join you.  Ask them to sit in your space. *Please note-do not invite a Spirit to sit in your body, unless you are a skilled Medium.  When a Spirit sits in our space, it means they are sitting within our Aura/next to us.  This presence allows us to feel them…remember to use all of your senses.  You may see them with your eyes, your third eye, smell them, hear them, etc.  I find that the most common way they are experienced in this setting is by feeling them.  In many ways it is not much different then sitting with a living friend & not speaking.

Whether you hit the dance floor or sit quietly rocking, allow the music & movement to be your catalyst.  This takes time, you may not experience anything the first, second or 12th time you try it.  That is why it’s so important to not hold onto expectations.  The need to experience can actually create a mental block, making it harder for you to register when you have had contact.  If you like dancing/music and such, make this practice something you do regularly.  Remember the more we repeat a particular contact-exercise, the more likely we are to receive personal contact.  This is because our Beloved Dead, realize we are working on a particular type of contact & they start working on it too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read.  I am getting ready for a weekend of Dancing.  I will not be on the floor as much as I would like, due to a foot injury…but it’s healing and I will be dancing.  Dancing with my Spirits!

spreading love-salicrow

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