Stories of Spirit…Awakening Consciousness [expanding the circle]

Passing a Reiki Attunement

Passing a Reiki Attunement

I believe we are at the beginning of a Spiritual Evolution; one in which as a race, we are becoming more Intuitive.  It has been progressing slowly for quite some time, then it experienced a massive spike in 2012; a time interpreted as the end of the Mayan Calendar.   It’s important to remember, the whole Mayan calendar/end of the world bit was distorted by the media.  What actually happened was much more subtle.  The end of the calendar, marked the ending of a cycle, which Astronomically corresponded with a Celestial alignment; known as the Galactic Alignment.  On the Winter Solstice of 2012, the Sun on the Winter Solstice lined up with the center of the Galaxy…something that had not happened in 26, 000 years.  In truth, this line-up will take 36 years to complete…it started in 1980 & will be completed this year; 2016.  It’s important to remember that even Science is not exact, it changes as we evolve, learn & explore.  If Science was always exactly right, we would be living on a flat planet…I mention this to show how 2012 & the Mayan Calendar can be connected with this alignment, it is the Scientific interpretation of the times.   Quite frankly, the Mayans never wrote….This will happen in 2012.  But the calendars did point to the alignment, and as we can clearly tell by our vantage point of 2016…it was not the end of the World…but it was something!

As a Psychic who has worked with the public for over 25 years, I have witnessed many people who were experiencing an Awakening of Consciousness.  In my early years, about 1 in 12 people I Read for were experiencing moments of heightened Intuition.  Beginning in 2011, that number started to shift radically.  Now in 2016; the number is more like 5 in 12 people I Read for, has experienced moments of Intuitive opening.  I believe this is due to a combination of factors. Please note, this is my belief & experience as a Psychic…not Scientific data.  One of the factors is obviously, the Galactic Alignment.  Another interesting factor is the Internet…that’s right, the Internet.

First, let’s talk about the influence of the Galactic Alignment.  In Astronomical terms, the Galactic Alignment is alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun/Northern Hemisphere (December 20th-23rd depending on the year), and the Galactic Equator (center of our Galaxy).  As we all know, planets, stars and moons have effect on life, as do solar flares, comets and pretty much all Universal alignments.  So it is not a far stretch to see how such a large, powerful alignment can have a major effect on us.  The Galactic Alignment is such a powerful shift, that it’s wake has created an Expansion of Consciousness.  The lines between reality, have become fuzzier…less bold lines of a permanent marker, and more noticeably the fine lines of a spiders web, all interwoven and connected.

The second connection I like to talk about; when it comes to Expanding Consciousness is the Internet.  It may seem weird to make this comparison, but take a moment to think about it.  The Internet has changed the way in which we view information gathering & reality.  Now, when we want the answer to something, we simply need to do a search on the web & there it is…interesting that it is called the web, and web it is…for it connects everything through tiny, lines.  I believe that the Internet is a vital ingredient to the mass Ex