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Stories of Spirit…Aunty Baba’s House for Wayward Spirit Children [ part 2 of Julies adve

When my sister Sandy Crow moved into the Little-Big House in Waterford years ago, she soon realized she had a lot more kids then she thought she did.  Her house which I like to refer to as the Island of Misfit Toys was & still is a safe-haven of sorts for the Spirits of Children who have for one reason or other not moved on after passing into Spirit.  Sandy, also known as Aunty Baba to the children of our family is the quintessential Mama Bear.  She can not go out in public without children gravitating to her, as their built in radars recognize her kind, goofy soul as one of their own.

Over the years many Children’s Spirits have resided at the Little-Big House.  Some stay for a short bit, some for a long, but all who come know they are welcome as long as they play nice.  The most common reason for a Spirit to resist crossing the Veil is fear.   In many ways Sandy provides a place of love and healing for these lost Spirits.  She listens to their stories and tries to make them comfortable with being dead & when the time is right she helps them move across the Veil where they belong.

Yesterday was Julie’s big day, the day she went to live at Aunty Baba’s.  (Julie is the Spirit of a little girl who is currently residing in her favorite doll).  When Julie died after a long illness she did not realize she had died & her Spirit took up residence in the doll who had spent so much time with her.  Julie still does not believe she is dead.  *For more on Julies story please read my blog article…Stories of Spirit…Julie [the girl in the doll] .  Julie was very excited about going to live at Aunty Baba’s after I told her stories about all the children who visit there and the other children who were special like her.

When we left my house heading to Aunty Baba’s I laid Julie in the back seat of my Jeep.  I had a blanket with me as I was planning on working outside that evening.  After laying Julie down she asked me if I would cover her up.  As I covered her, I couldn’t help thinking I should have a car seat.  My rational mind said “she’s a doll”, but to my Psychic mind I saw a child laying in my backseat, one who should be in a car seat.  LOL.  On the way to Aunty Baba’s I stopped at my son’s house to visit him & my granddaughter before leaving for Iceland.  He wanted to go see Julie, so he went down stairs and was startled by how real she was.  He knew it would be rude to just walk off, so he got in the Jeep and sat with her for a minute so she wouldn’t feel like she had frightened him away.  After my visit, our next stop was Aunty Baba’s.  To say Julie was excited to get there was an understatement.  She soon adjusted to her new home and my sister brought out her doll ‘Joey’.  Joey has been part of my sisters life since about 3.  He went to the hospital with her when her children were born and has been at most of her important moments of life.  Joey like Julie is not just a doll, he has a Spirit all his own.

Julie will live at my sisters where she will be taken care of, shown love and slowly brought around to the fact that she is dead.  When the time comes that Julie is ready to move on, her Spirit will most likely move onto be born into this world again.  She will have the opportunity to live a life of happiness, with love and family.  How long it will take I can not tell, but I can say that Julie will be loved and shown tenderness during her time at Aunty Baba’s.


*My sister Sandy Crow/Aunty Baba is a Ban Draoi/Shaman/Medicine Woman who specializes in work with children both living and in Spirit.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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