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Stories of Spirit…10 things You should know about Spirit Communication-

As a Natural Medium, I have been aware of the Spirit-world my entire life & through the development of my gifts; I have learned the ins & outs of communicating with the Beloved Dead.   People often call me with questions regarding communication & how it works.  So here is a little something-something to shed some light on what to expect when seeking communication with the Dead.

1. The Spirits of our loved ones are just as interested in making contact with us as we are with them.  When doing Spirit Communication, the Beloved Dead often describe the ways they are try to connect with their loved ones; often confirming peoples personal experiences that have led them to think their Spirits were around.

2. It is easier to see Spirits with our peripheral vision then looking at them straight on.  Spirits exist in a different dimension then we do.  It is hard to see into when looking straight at it, as we actually look through it.  This is why so many people will see something out of the corner of their eye only to have it disappear when they turn to look directly at it.  The next time you catch something out of the corner of your eye…do not turn to look at it.  Instead, allow your eyes to stay soft and try viewing it with your peripheral vision, you may be surprised what you see.

3. Beloved Dead is a term used to describe the Spirits of our loved ones...friends, family, ancestors and guides.

4. Everyone has a Spirit Guide. I have never met anyone who did not have a Spirit or Spirits looking out for them.  Our Spirit Guides communicate with us regularly & are often felt or heard in times of need.  The quiet voice inside your head that pushes you forward or cautions you of danger is very often that of your Spirit Guide.  As a general rule most people have a Spirit Guide who works with them their entire life, this guide is often an Ancestor or loved one from a past life.  Some people have more then one guide or may pick up a particular guide for a special purpose in their life.

5. Spirits love electronic devices. I get phone calls on a regular basis from people who have had interesting experiences with their phones, computers, electronic toys and more.  This is particularly true of Spirits who have passed in the last 20 years.  Being acquainted with electronics in life, they are more likely to try utilizing them in the afterlife.

6. When seeking contact with your loved ones in Spirit, it is helpful to do so from the same space.  When seeking contact with our Beloved Dead, it is helpful to do so from the same location.  When our Dead see that we are creating a space and practice of reaching out to them, they will start working on it as well.  So pick a space and keep reaching out.  Whether it’s your kitchen, car or garden.  Pick a spot & stick to it, it makes the whole thing easier for everyone involved.

7. The most common ways for people to experience Spirit contact is through the sense of smell.   Smell is the one sense we do not question.  We can smell something and be transported back to the last time we experienced smelled it…no questions, no doubts, we recognize that smell.  Use this to your advantage.  The next time you think you smell Grandma’s perfume, reach out and say “Hey Grandma”.  Spirits are also perceived through sight, visions in our mind, dreams, hearing, touch and knowing. Good Mediums are Multi-sensory, receiving messages through more then one of their senses.

8. Connecting to the Spirit world is easier with the help of a Medium. A Medium is a person with the ability to work as a conduit or communicator between the world of the living and the dead. To the dead, living family and friends are like candles shining in the darkness. A Medium is more like a light house, making them easier to find and communicate with.

9. Props such as candles, dim lighting and Ouija boards are not necessary when working with a professional Medium. If you like candles great, have at it…but they are not necessary. Spirit Communication can take place in broad daylight in the park if that is what you prefer.

10. The word Seance means to sit in reverence. It refers to a small group gathering to receive messages from Beloved Dead through the aid of a Medium. There is nothing scary about it. Often people cry and laugh as they visit with their loved ones in Spirit.   When working with a Professional Medium the messages received from your Beloved Dead should be detailed, & personal; leaving you without a doubt that you have communicated with your Loved one in Spirit.

I hope you have enjoyed the read folks.  For those of you looking to host a Seance of an Individual Spirit Communication session, my services are available in person and by Skype.  (, Psychic Medium).

Spreading love-Salicrow

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