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Sacred Travel…Shadows in the Mist [the woods surrounding Ossipee]


My sister Sandycrow &  I arrived in the woods of the Ossipee, NH area just as dusk was settling in.  Dusk and Dawn are powerful times of Spirit as they are Betwixt & Between, being neither Day nor Night.  As an added treat there was a heavy mist settling on the land, snuzzling close to the forest floor.  As we drove along the wooded road we could see a ridiculous amount of Spirits, by ridiculous I mean the forest was full.  They were Spirits of Native Americans, most of them Warriors.  They did not feel threatening, but watchful.  As we drove slowly through the forest we watched in Awe and felt the Woods.

When we arrived at our destination a fantastically cute Lake House that reminded both of us of houses we lived in during our childhood; 70’s Chalet style.  I kept expecting to see my Mum & Dad coming down the stairs in early 80’s attire; resembling ABBA.  This feeling was emphasized by the fact that Sandy had a few ABBA songs on her ipod, which kept playing.

Over the days spent @ the Lake we explored the woods as well as the water.  The woods; where we had seen the Spirits of the Natives who had once lived there was just up the road, so we had an opportunity to spend some quality time there.  We meditated, communed and gave offerings in the woods.  My preferred offering when visiting Sacred spaces is song.  I sing my Spirit Song wherever I go.  We also gathered wood from the area to use in our ceremonial fire that evening.  The fire we held  in honor of the Spirits who still kept watch on the land there.  It was a beautiful ceremony that left all feeling deeply connected to the Spirit of Place.

Well it’s been a crazy week around these parts and I am off to a Steampunk Festival tomorrow, so I will say goodnight.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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