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Sacred Travel…Flying Odin Air [part 1…Salicrow goes to Iceland]

Adventure can be found near & far, but the adventures we have to save & plan for always seem a wee bit more special.  As a Druid I yearn for Sacred Travel.  Sacred Travel is a Journey that includes Spiritual and Sensual awareness, it is explored through all that we are (physical/emotional/spiritual).  Sacred Travel is not judged by the physical distance traveled but the distance our Soul expands through the experience.

My Journey to Iceland is indeed Sacred Travel, for I have been called there by Odin himself.  


Last Fall I saw that Iceland was building a temple to  the Norse Gods.  This was amazing, as there has not been a temple dedicated to the Norse Gods in Iceland for 1000 years.  On a personal level this was truly moving and brought me to tears, as I have a tight relationship with Odin & Freyja.  I found this information highly exciting and started thinking that maybe I would go to Iceland in 2016 when the temple was finished.  The more I talked about it, the more people asked me why I wasn’t going before the temple was finished-to visit the land.  My semi-daydream of Iceland continued on until the end of February when it stepped out of the dreamworld and into the world of the living.

I was preparing to go to Florida to visit my husbands family, when a ridiculously cheap deal on airfare to Iceland; in September showed up in my email.  I told myself that if this was a sign that I needed to go, the deal would still be available when I returned home.  I also decided to Journey (spiritual vision work) on it, while flying to Florida.  My Journey Work turned out to be quite profound. While flying & utilizing a window seat I used the landscape below for my divination, receiving guidance & communication through the natural folds of the earth below me & the visions I see in my 3rd eye.  Runes (Norse Divination tool/one of my favorite) lend themselves to this scrying quite readily.  By the time I landed in Tampa, I knew I was going to Iceland & I knew why.  I was to going to do Crystal Grid work on the Ley Lines in Iceland, and the Rift of Thingvellir/where the North American & European Tectonic Plates connect.  The Crystal Grid work is for planetary healing & I will talk about it more throughout this blog series.  As far as the ticket goes-I got back home and the deal was gone, but through a short hop, skip & jump…I got a better deal going in August, which is truly a better month for me anyways.

The Understanding that I would be doing Crystal Grid work did not come as a suprise.  As I had begun collecting Crystals for a grid in January without knowing where it would be.  After the Journey Work I  knew where I would build it.   Planning this adventure has been filled with moments of Deja Vu & the awareness that I am working in direct contact with the Divine.  We all have the ability to experience this.  When we are aware, present & using all of our senses we are working in the Sacred.  Be thankful & explore with wonder and awe.  I will be writing every couple of days throughout the journey & hope to take you  along with me through my words.   As part of my Travel Log I will also share Tips on Sacred Travel in each blog entry.  I hope you enjoy the read folks, please feel free to share.

spreading love-salicrow

PS-the airline we are flying WOW Air has their planes blessed by a Priest of the Norse Gods.  Nothing like a blessing from Odin to make a girl happy.


PREPARING FOR SACRED TRAVEL [whats in your bag]-When preparing for Sacred Travel your luggage takes a bit more planning.  Here are some things to think about the next time you go on a Sacred Journey.


SMUDGE-liquid smudge in a 1 oz. spray bottle…this is the most important of Spiritual Tools to travel with in my opinion.  You can spray the space of your lodging, even spray it on the plane.  It smells good and not very heavy.  People would think it was natural perfume.

CRYSTALS-Boobie Stones & Pocket Protectors (keep your own personal Crystals on your body it helps with Empathic over load in the Airport *wrap other working Crystals in your clothing to prevent damage *choose smaller stones/the weight adds up

BACHS RESCUE REMEDY-Flower Essence designed to help ground and center a person.  It works great when venturing into the Spiritual Landscape.  A few drops under the tongue work well.

DIVINATION TOOLS– Tarot Cards, Runes, Ogham, etc.  It is a great thing to look into ones life while vacationing from it.

OFFERINGS-I like to bring little offerings for the Spirits when I travel.  Some great ideas for simple offerings are hair clippings, dried flowers, water from energetic places, tobacco, song, etc.

JOURNAL-write about your experiences.  Simple entries, pictures, poems, whatever comes to mind.  Awen (the Spirit of Creativity) is strong when we are on Spiritual Journey.  Camera’s are also good for journaling.

SMALL BAGS & 1 oz. CONTAINERS-for the things you want take home, like sand, rocks & dirt.

PERSONAL TOOLS– pendulums, wands/needles, offering dishes, altar clothes.

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