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Sacred Travel…Adventuring in your Backyard [revisiting home]

I lived in the White Mountain National Forest when I was a girl.  It was the 70’s and my Dad didn’t want to give his money to the ‘Man’.  The irony of that story is that it was a National Park, which means he was still giving his money to the ‘Man’.  We lived at the Zealand campground a few different times, once for the entire summer.  My grandparents apparently felt sorry for us, as they would bring more furniture every time they came to visit.  We really did look like Gypsies with our large tents, canvases & canopies covering living room furniture and kids toys.  I look back & see that time as filled with Magic.  The inconveniences (except for the dreaded, old-school outhouses) were minor, the joy of living that close to the magic of Nature was sure bliss.  We swam in the river and played in the woods, our  parents were active hikers so that meant climbing the Mountain in our backyard often.

Yesterday I went back home after many years; I hadn’t climbed the Mountain to Zealand Hut since I was 12 years old.  My return trip to the Hut at the top of the Mountain was a nostalgic one, filled with memory & the knowledge that I was now sharing this Magical place; in my backyard with my granddaughter.  I hiked to the top with Persephone on my back, accompanied by my sister Sandy & two of my ‘ladies’ who were also along for the adventure.  I had a moment on the top of the mountain standing near the waterfall of true memory-magic, where I was existing in that space at multiple times.

One of the more interesting things about my Psychic ability is that I have visited myself throughout time.  Sometimes it is just a viewing, at other times I have actually talked to (given advice) to myself.  I did this a lot as a child (if your interested in reading more about this check out my blog entry ‘through the looking glass’).  Yesterday as I stood at the top of the Mountain I had one of those moments.  My sister was playing in the river; jumping about like a wild monkey, I was sitting on a rock with my granddaughter on my back when I remembered this moment.  Deja-Vu for lack of a better word…I sat in two places at once.  My adult self with Persephone on my back was accompanied by my child self.  I remembered or experienced (however you want to interpret it) being a child seeing myself at the falls with a baby strapped to my back.  It was a surreal moment, that reminds me how fluid the world we live in actually is.


Quantum Physics & String Theory recognize that time is not linear, instead happening all at once.  As a person who spends a great deal of time looking into peoples past & futures I can completely relate.  There are many moments like the one at the waterfall where being both Sali’s…child & woman at one time poke us into seeing the magnificence of the world we live in.  We are touching/communicating with ourselves on many levels, all the time.  This way of thinking and being is a bit broad for some people, but for me it all comes back to visiting myself throughout time and space.  We can exist in multiple places at once even if just as a shadow or memory.

We never know what kind of magic awaits us when we step into the Woods.  The world we live in is so filled with distraction & instant gratification, that we may find it hard to feel connected to ourselves.  There is nothing like a bunch of trees, and the crisp smell of Autumn air to reconnect you.  Living in Northern New England I am fortunate enough to have many opportunities to connect with the Sacred in my Backyard.  I hope you have enjoyed the read folks and find your own way into the Sacred…it’s calling you.

spreading love-salicrow

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