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Many people are feeling a bit discombobulated this holiday season, and yes, we could say this was part and parcel of the course; the holidays always come with lots to do, and many people to see, but this is different!

I have talked about Psychic Evolutions for many years now, as my work as a psychic medium has given me plenty of opportunity to see what's happening psychically for others. Having read for the public since the early 90's I first started noticing a change in people's sensitivity in 2011. I personally believe it to be centered on the Winter Solstice of 2012, something we all heard a lot about through the Mayan Prophesy and all the hype about the ending of the world. Well, the world didn't come to a physical end, but it certainly did shift gears, which would be a more accurate depiction of what the prophecy was trying to say. Now, I am not a specialist in ancient Mayan culture/prophesy, so I am by no means speaking as if I am such, but I am a psychic who reads for people all over the world, and what I have seen growing since the prophesized shift is a deepening of people awareness!

The Mayan Prophesy was connected to the Winter Solstice of 2012 and spoke of the ending of a world or view of reality. Astronomically the Winter Solstice of 2012 was connected to the alignment of the Solstice Sun with the center of our galaxy; something that only happens every 26, 000 years. The Mayan Calendar is charted in 13,000-year cycles.

So what does this have to do with Psychic Evolution?

Perhaps nothing, perhaps this is just the observation of an everyday psychic who happens to see her client base snapping open like popcorn, but then again I don't really believe in coincidence!

While we may not know exactly what the Mayan Prophesy was referring to, we do know the astronomical alignment of the Solstice Sun and the center of our Galaxy really happened, and we do know that we humans; as well as all living things are greatly affected by the movement of our planet as well as the other celestial bodies that surround our precious Earth. We also have the ability to do a bit of simple charting ourselves... How many of you have had far more psychic experiences in the last decade than previously in your lifetime? Have you noticed how commonplace psychic phenomenon has become in the everyday world? How has acceptability to the paranormal and esoteric studies changed in your community?

You don't even have to be psychic to see the change anymore. Podcasts, TV shows, books, and even advertising are now projecting what's happening in the Wyrd Isle. Those of us who use to be counter-culture; buying our Tarot Cards at obscure metaphysical shops are gasping in awe when we find our favorite oracle cards in TJMaxx and Sephora. The world is changing (again) and we are here to witness it! Being alive during the change in psychic consciousness means we are also the ones who have to experience the growing pains that come with the change.

As I said earlier, I began seeing a change in psychic consciousness in 2011. While the group was small; and mostly comprised of those being drawn to the healing arts, it was nonetheless noticeable! The number of people showing up for appointments having unexplained experiences and deep emotional turmoil really began ticking up at the end of 2012 and had continued to uptick since. By 2019, a large percentage of my clients were folks who were having experiences they could not explain or emotions they couldn't control.

Psychic ability comes in many forms, including prophecy, telekinesis, channeling, etc., but for the purpose of this article, I am focusing on prophesy and psychic knowing; which includes empathic ability.

WHAT IS AN EMPATH- To be empathic means we feel other people's emotions, and sometimes; for more advanced empaths, their physical pain. For the newly opening empath, it may feel as if their emotions are all over the place, and they may become deeply stressed, and overwhelmed when around large crowds (with lots of varying emotions), and situations where emotions are high. Ironically enough, empaths are often drawn to careers in fields that involve helping others; such as medicine, social services, mental health, and education.

The ability to sense the feelings of others is the base step of psychic knowing and by far the most common psychic ability. If you look at it like steps, the empathic ability is the bottom step, psychic knowing...the ability to sense things before they happen, or to see into the unknown is the second step, and mediumship/channeling is at the top. This simply means that if you are able to perceive the world of spirit, you are also empathic, and most likely are also experiencing psychic knowing.

So let's talk about the powering-up bit... In video games; just like school, you are at the top of your game just before you level up, and then you find yourself at the bottom of the new level schlepping about, trying to figure things out again. The same is true when it comes to psychic development! It's not a straight shot through to cosmic awareness, it's like hiking a mountain with lots of peaks and valleys. It's exhausting!

When we power up, it generally involves receiving some kind of psychic download. We may have wyrd dreams or hear ringing in our ears, it may happen because we visited a powerful energetic space recognized as holy, or because we had a visit with someone who was more psychically advanced; such as a teacher or psychic, or due to a powerful astrological alignment, energetic attunement or trauma. Regardless of the reason for leveling up, we will most likely need to take time to adjust to the new energy working within us. I often compare the experience to that of a young child at an amusement park; the child need not go on a single ride to be overwhelmed by the experience, in fact, children under two are often sound asleep in their stroller within the first half-hour of being there due to overstimulation.

Having our psychic minds rewired is exhausting, which means every time you level up, you can expect to need more sleep, be a bit more emotional, and be irritable as you are over-stimulated! Taking baths, walking in the woods, meditation, yoga, and all that good stuff will help you adjust to your new way of being; so will, developing an understanding of what it means to be empathic and how you can care for yourself. Treating ourselves gently helps, as does taking time to sit with emotions when they come up; asking ourselves who we belong to instead of immediately taking ownership, will help. We must educate ourselves as things are only gonna get wyrder from here!

I have attached a link here to my downloadable Empath's Opening & Protection class for those of you who need it. (click on the button below)

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Hey, Folks-The Holiday Special was rescheduled from last Thursday, December 1st to next Monday, December 12th due to the loss of a family pet for my guest star. Thank you for understanding!

Monday, DECEMBER 12th @ 8pmEST on Salicrow, Psychic Medium's Facebook page. O!HO!HO! It's my holiday Special...with special guest artisan jeweler and magical maker Alex Lozier of ALEX LOZIER JEWELRY! We will be talking about the magical attributes of gems and jewels, how the jewelry we wear affects us, and the inspiration behind the Elemental Magick jewelry line that Alex and I collaborated on!



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