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My relationship with the Tarot

When I was 18 years old my boyfriend (later to be husband)  brought home a deck of Tarot cards to analytically study.  Within weeks of the cards being in our home they had become mine, and within months I was doing Readings for people.

My first real Tarot Reading was for a friend of my sisters.  She had come over and wanted me to read her cards.  As I got out the little booklet that went with the deck she said “don’t use that, just tell me what you see”.  So I did…My Reading was very accurate and I soon found myself Reading cards for friends and friends of friends.  I couldn’t help but think though that perhaps I was getting the information because I had over heard it somewhere.  I went on Reading like this for a couple of years, where the people who were coming to me were people who were part of a larger circle I already belonged to.  As time went on that circle began to grow and I was starting to Read for people I knew I didn’t know anything about.

When I was in my early 20’s I did my first Reading for a complete stranger.  I was  a designer and seamstress at the time and I was at a large festival selling my clothing.  I loved making clothing (particularly costumes) but absolutely hated selling it.  I hated it so much that I asked my husband to sell my stuff and I was going to see if I could do some Card Readings.  So I made a quick sign out of cardboard and posted it on the side of my tent saying “Tarot Readings- $2″…thats right Two dollars.  Within about 15 minutes of my first Reading I had a line of people who wanted Reading.  Appearantly the recipients of my first couple had gone and told everyone they knew.  After a few Readings I was changing the fee of my Readings to $15.  I had so many people who were waiting in line to see me that the couple selling Asian food in the booth next to us fed everyone at our booth all weekend because they were getting so much business off the people waiting to see me.

After my experience with Reading blind for the public I decided that I was ready to at least make it part of what I did for a living.  I began doing Readings at a local store and often at small town fairs and music festivals.  For years I put most of my effort into the clothes I was designing and making and kept my Tarot Reading as something I did on the side.    Soon whenever I did my own Reading I was seeing the two of wands and knowing that I had to pick a path.  The universe made it easy to see which path I was meant for as I started to notice after a few years that while doors were Opening around my Readings, doors were closing around my clothing.

The places I did my Readings varied over the years, but most of my early years were spent doing small fairs and working out of local establishments.  About 15 years or so ago I decided to step out into the big pond.  I spent a few years doing the bigger Psychic fairs and pagan festivals.  I thought when I went into them that I was going to be a small fish in a big pond, what I quickly found out was that even in the bigger venues I was not a small fish.  Around this time I stopped saying I was doing “Tarot Readings” and replaced it with “Psychic Readings”.  For what I found was there were a lot of people out there who could Read the Tarot, but but very few people who were truly Psychic….There is a difference.  When I do a Reading I might be using the Tarot as a tool, but I am by no means giving general information.  I see images in my head that are triggered by the symbolism of the Tarot,  these images and the knowledge that I know when doing a Reading is very specific.  I can see into the future and I can determine particular problems, where they are coming from and what can be done to avoid them.  I dont tell people things like “Your having problems in a relationship”, I say “You are having problems with this particular person and this is what is happening.  The problem comes from here and this is what you can do to rectify it”  I see into peoples lives including their past,  so that I can help them deal with past trauma.  I can tell them how old they were when they experienced the trauma and what it is connected to.  These things are not things you determine by simply being able to Read the Tarot.  I have a lot of respect for people who have studied the Tarot and understand its complex and beautiful messages.  However a person who is Psychic can Read anything, it doesn’t matter what they use for a tool.  That being said, I love the Tarot.  I love its beautiful pictures, I love the ease it puts people at as they see that the cards are telling me about them…when in reality it is them I am truly Reading.

For years now I have taught the an introductory class on the Tarot in the spring.  When I teach people to use the Tarot, I am first and foremost teaching them how to tap their own intuition.  I have them first tell me what they see when they look at a card, before telling them what I see or what it says about it in a book.  I believe we all are natually intuitive, we just need to open the door a bit.  I will be teaching Intro to the Tarot in The first 4 Tuesday evenings in May.

Spreading Love-Salicrow

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