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Messages from Spirit…man in the backseat

As a Psychic Medium I am able to both communicate with  Spirits & see into People’s lives.  I see these gifts as separate and often compare them to looking down 2 different hallways.  When I look into people’s lives (past/present/future), that is all me.  I am working alone; rapidly searching through the avenues of peoples individual life patterns, helping guide them to the best possible outcomes.  There is no place for me to have awe there, for as interesting as it is…it is me.  You cannot have awe at yourself, or at least I can not.  Spirit Communication on the other hand I cannot do alone.  I need the connection with other Spirits to do this.  I need the participation of others…Ancestors, friends, family, loved ones-Beloved Dead, without them there would be no communication.  So I get to be in awe… I get to be in awe of the effort they put into communicating, for it is hard work for them & they are clever.

In the first year after the November Incident (my major opening to Spirit), I was hesitant to share my abilities with others.  It was not that I doubted my experiences, it was that I did not feel ready to deal with the deep emotions that would come with helping people speak with their Beloved Dead; for Seances are filled with laughter & tears and a lot of healing.  My Spirits (Adam, Peter & the rest of my guides) were persistent that this was what I was suppose to be doing.  That as important as it was to give people guidance & view their futures, it was far more powerful work to help people connect with those they love who have crossed into Spirit.  It not only brings deep healing, it shows people that there is something after life…that the soul is eternal.

One of my favorite stories of a clever, charming Spirit came from these early days of resistance.  For you see I never really close the door to things I know I have to do.  So I agreed to speak with Beloved Dead during my Psychic Readings, but only if it was really important.  If the Spirit was really insistent I would let them get a quick message through if they showed up when I was looking into peoples lives.

So one day I was doing a Psychic Party for a bunch of people in the Kingdom (Northeast Kingdom of Vermont-home).  At the party was an elder woman, her daughter and a few other family members.  When I was doing a Reading for the elder woman her husband came through, he later showed back up to see his daughter.  He was charming and funny, and a true gentlemen.  He loved the ladies of his life and knew how much they missed him.  As I finished the party and got in my car, I noticed that he was sitting in the back seat.  As I drove home I could see him smiling away in the rear view mirror.  I wasn’t sure why he was still hanging around me, but he was pleasant so I didn’t really think much of it.  When I arrived home, he thanked me for talking to his Ladies for him and disappeared.  A few months later I ran into his daughter and told her how her father had rode home with me after their Psychic Party.  She laughed and told me that he didn’t believe a lady should ride by herself at night and that he was probably making sure I was safe.  His character and the humanness of connecting to Spirits on that level played a big part in my deciding to do Spirit Communication to the public.  I realized that it was not just important to the living, but that it was equally important to the dead.  They want deeply to connect with their loved ones who are still alive, to let them know they are OK and that they miss them.  I have never regretted my decision to do Spirit Communication.  And quite honestly, it is the emotions of the Spirits that get to me more often then the emotions of the Living.  For I can feel the emotions the Spirits are carrying on such a deep level that it is almost my own.  Thanks for reading folks.

spreading love-salicrow

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