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Creating a Global Healing Altar

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Mask- VTartist Sarah Leveille, Drum-Noel Tetreault, Drum Beater-VTartist Morrigan Stark

Things are getting wobbly out there and many people are struggling with feelings of helplessness and fear. This in part comes from the constant cycle of newsreels and social-media blurbs telling us of the dangers we face with the Coronavirus. The media's focus on the threat is driven by the fact that fear sells. Not only does it drive us out our doors in droves to wipe the shelves clean at our nearest grocers, but it also keeps us coming back to our newsfeed like starving vultures; compulsively checking in every 15-20 minutes, looking for updates to feed to our fear. The threat of coronavirus is real, particularly for our elderly and those with compromised immune systems. That being said the constant bombardment of fear is often more destructive than it is good.

Fear is present whenever we face hardship, whether the hardship is ending a relationship, financial struggles or facing a global pandemic. Fear is an instinct; that when engaged with properly, can be a great tool of awareness as it turns our senses on high. When we acknowledge the sensation of awareness we can utilize it to fuel our purpose, instead of allowing it to overload our system with anxiety.


I love altars! I have many of them around my house, each with its own purpose. Some are more 'space-holders' (altars that seldom change), holding a unique purpose such as my Ancestor Altar, or the Reiki Altar in my office that holds all of my working-crystals, tensor rings, tuning forks, and other tools of the trade. Our relationship with our altar/altars is personal and reflects the different facets of our life, dreams, and aspirations. Altars are sacred space, sanctified by the divine energy of life that flows through each and every one of us. When we treat them as places of power they become so!

Altars remind us of our goal, which is particularly important in times of unrest. The items we place and the prayers we say connect us to our purpose through magic and remembrance. The magic piece manifests through our ability to focus on that which we desire. The altar provides a visual aid to dial into, reminding us every time we see it that we are doing MAGIC. While it is not necessary to do a spell or say a prayer every time you see your altar, it is recommended that you direct energy at it often. Simply standing in front of it admiring the bits and pieces you have displayed while thinking about the goal the altar represents is reinforcing the original work. The items that are chosen for our working are part of a spell-infused memory board, created to trigger our subconscious into remembering the outcome we want to see happen.

This is super important stuff; as quantum physics has proven that we are more likely to create that which we focus on. That logic applies whether we are living in fear or living on-purpose, so it makes sense that we should focus more on that which we desire, than what we are afraid could happen.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and the world around us to do our part, to stop buying into the fearmongering and become a light in the darkness. This does not mean we act stupidy, (wash your hands, use hand sanitizers, practice social distancing) we have to think about the health and safety of not just ourselves here, but that of others. But we also need to think about our mental health, and our collective sanity. Having a purpose gives us courage and strength. It takes us out of our self-pity, shifting our vision from obstacles to the search for solutions. It fills our vessel with hope and helps us see the goodness hard times brings out in others. Purpose in times of trouble can come in many forms; not all of us were meant for the front-lines. We are not all meant for direct contact medical assistance, but that does not mean we can not help. We can help by connecting to our local volunteer groups, buy donating food and supplies, by making a phone call to our neighbor who we know struggles with anxiety, and we can help by focusing our energy through a HEALING ALTAR.

Healing Altars are created for the purpose of focusing our prayers, spells, and energy toward wellness. What the altar looks like, the deities we honor through it, and where we place it is completely personal. Intentional magic with your altar begins as soon as you decide you are going to create one. The items you collect for it, the positioning of bits and baubles, the way you sing your spell while erecting it all matters. The intention you hold during the creation of your altar is crucial. Think about what kind of healing you are looking to call in.


The Earth and her residence (us humans) are always in need of healing, this is particularly noticeable at the time of creating this blog entry as we are coping with a global pandemic. First, start by picking a location for your altar, I recommend someplace you will see it often; as every time we see our altar we quickly send it a bit of love and energy. When you have decided on a location, start collecting your magical bits. I highly recommend a piece of Rose Quartz, as well as a chalice of some kind (a jelly jar will do in a pinch), and a candle. Other items to consider when creating a HEALING ALTAR are photos of ancestors; particularly those who were healers, wisdom keepers, and survivors, knowing their strength and wisdom will be handy during challenging times. Religious icons and items of personal empowerment also enhance our magical altar.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED- 8 small crystals (local rocks will do), a candle (preferably white), a ROSE QUARTZ if you have one, chalice (vessel for holding water), religious/spiritual items that help you focus on healing, chalice (vessel for holding water), photos or mementos of helpful/wise ancestors, photos of family members you want to send extra love and healing to.

*optional 4 corners for the directions, tensor ring

Begin the setup of your altar by placing the 8 stones equal distance in a circle on top of your altar. If your altar is too narrow for a complete circle keep in mind that 4 stones should represent the quarter directions of N, E, S, W, and 4 stones represent the cross-quarter directions of NE, SE, SW, NW. Think of them as beacons spreading your magical work out into the world. (If your crystals are points, alternate tips facing inward/outward to circulate energy.) *If you own a tensor ring, utilize it in the forming of your circle. This will amplify the strength of your altar.

When your circle is created, place the Rose Quartz in the center of the circle. If you don't have a Rose Quartz use another stone that feels like it offers healing energy. The stone in the center of the circle is where we will be directing our energy. Place your candle, chalice, photos and spiritual items outside the circle we created with the small stones. These items support the work you are doing, the surrounding circle working to dial in our focus, directing all of our energy toward the ROSE QUARTZ in the center that focuses our energy.

With our altar created our magic is deeply in progress, focusing our thoughts through the building/creation of the altar is as important as the saying of prayers or reciting of spells. Acknowledge your work for the sacred act it is. *Fill your chalice with water (preferably spring water) and light your candle. *Take a moment to connect with your sacred self and speak your prayers with the truth. Spellwork is amplified prayer, it is a prayer that sings with energy and a belief that you are co-creating with the universe/god/goddess.

FOCUSING OUR UNITED INTENT ON SENDING HEALING TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD when your personal prayers are spoken remember the intent of this spell is for sending healing to the people of the world at this time of pandemic. Let us direct our minds together, sending healing energy out to all who struggle; to creating healthy immune systems, to minimizing the damage of the virus, to nullifying it through our Rose Quartz. With your initial spell work done, blow out the candle. Over the next few weeks (as long as needed) take time each day to light the candle at your altar and fill the water chalice. Saying prayers if you feel so drawn, or simply remembering the healing energy you are part of covering the earth with.

There are many groups out there doing energy work to heal the planet at this time of global crisis. We are all one, even if our methods are not exact, each and every circle being created through the power of spellwork/prayer is a beautifully potent thing. Let's take the time to imagine in our mind's eye that each and every one of these healing circles as droplets of rain; that alone seems small, but once they flow together they become a mighty surge. Join other prayer/spell circles and each time you do imagine you are connecting raindrops to one another. Let's be mighty and powerful beyond belief in this time of transition, set up those HEALING ALTARS folk!

spreading love-


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