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The Year Ahead...

I've done a lot of Wheel of the Year Readings lately, looking at folks' forecast for 2021. Many are return customers who got the same reading last year and were surprised by how it turned out. Yesterday a client was sharing with me that when she first saw her forecast for 2020 last year she was afraid that some kind of illness was going to visit her or her family, as most of her year was tied into illness, isolation, reestablishing self and overcoming challenges. She shared that when the pandemic hit she went back and looked at the forecast with a new lens seeing how this was more connected to her work as a nurse.

Last year I noticed how most people's year-long forecasts all seemed to share the common thread of isolation, reconnecting with self, creating new foundations, and that I kept telling people 'this is not a year of accomplishments, but a year of rewiring, refocusing, recreating self'. I had no idea it was a pandemic on the horizon, but I knew something big was going to shake the foundation of our world.

This year I am seeing hope! I am seeing people being to find their way, and a move toward the new 'normal' come summer. 2021 is a year of freedom and doing the work. This is not the freedom of the lone-wolf, who only watches out for themselves, but instead the freedom of finding one's way in the collective, knowing who we are and what makes us happy, healthy, and connected. As a 5 (2+0+2=1=5) it shows we have the tools needed to do the work. It is a creative and powerful vibration that is in many ways perfect for the work at hand.

We are recreating ourselves, we cannot return to the 'normal' that existed before 2020, that door is closed. Instead, we are making normal every moment of our day, we are creating new ways of connecting with people, new ways of working, new ways of being present with ourselves. We will leave this place of panic, fear, and overwhelm, we will become strong again. But for now, we are becoming... and that means we need to be patient with ourselves, move slower and think about what truly matters to us.

I for one will never turn a blind eye to hate, injustice, and fascism, but that being said I choose to see the best in people. I see my neighbor's kindness and my community members doing their best to help those in need. We are flawed, far from perfect and most of us are in need of a good eye-opener, but in truth most humans are good. Let us remember that, there are more kind, giving, loving and beautiful souls out there than there are haters. We got the numbers folks, let us spread love and kindness in our wake!

spreading love-salicrow

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