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Six in Numerology is a number of responsibility, family, and community, that asks us to think about people and situations outside of ourselves. When we look at Numerology as a form of personal development we can see how responsibility expands. First, we were asked to focus only on ourselves, then on the lessons of partnership, then it expanded out to building and creating with others, and now here we are at six learning about the responsibility of being part of a community or the bigger picture of life. Six is thoughtful and conscientious! It seeks true harmony and knows that it cannot exist while others are suffering.

The Six of Swords is a card of refuge! Often depicted as a cloaked person (or persons) in a small boat filled with swords, being escorted by another to the distant shore. There is a feeling of safety felt in the land they are approaching as if the passengers are refugees seeking safety.

Here I will remind people that the querent (person being read) can be either person on the card; the one offering aid, or the one needing it. One of the things that make the Tarot such a sophisticated and complex system is the many ways we can interpret the cards. Remember to trust your intuition, as the cards; like all divination tools, are simply that, a tool! When interpreting the card, pay attention to what sticks out to you first... Remember, details matter, for our intuitive mind is triggered by symbolism.

The Six of Cups is a gentle card, one often associated with childhood love, or the simple act of giving. It is kind and holds a sense of innocence, as the gifts are given with a feeling of purity, holding no expectation or need of gifts returned. Often when this card arrives there is a feeling of compassion, appreciation, and kindness. Here we see the love and compassion of six, the desire to bring joy and peace into the world. In many decks, the card is depicted with children or teenagers, showing that the love is simpler, more innocent. That it is love given for the sake of giving, with no strings attached, and no expectations. If this shows up in a romantic reading, it shows true compassion, and a desire to make the other happy. It may also be showing us that the offering of affection is an innocent one, given without expectations of desires. Again it's important to notice how you feel when looking at the card, what other cards surround it, and its placement in the spread.

The Six of Pentacles shows us the true aspect of the six's generosity. As Pentacles are the suit that represents our Earthly needs, and as such carries the physical component of generosity. The card depicts a community elder doling out coins, food, or other bits. The elder depicts the wisdom needed when giving to those in need, and how we must rely on our intuition that we may best serve the larger good; noting that if the elder is too generous with one, there may not be enough for all. When this card shows up in a Reading it asks us to weigh our decisions, choose how we give, & invest our time and money. This is an important card for these trying times, of many tragedies. Knowing how to give of ourselves without becoming unbalanced is an important skill, both in terms of money & time.

The Six of Wands is a card of victory! While it can show up in a reading as a sign of personal victory, it is more a card of winning the battle for the team or community. The victory is shared, and often the querent is being celebrated for their part in it. Hail the conquering hero! Flags waving, laurels crowning the victor, the card shows the celebration of a splendid victory. Carrying the vibration of six, most often this card is one that comes with some form of public recognition, in which the querent is celebrated by their family or community for their efforts. It is important to remember that while the card shows a great fan-fare in doing so, often this celebration is quieter in real life, and the card is reminding us that our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Remember, the numerological meaning of the cards becomes more pronounced if you have three or more of the same number, or if you have two or more of the same number clumped together back to back. If this shows up in your reading, take some time to do a little more digging into the number itself and how it may be reflected in your reading.


Thanks for reading along folks! I hope you are gaining insight and learning to love the Tarot a bit more...

THE RESPONSIBILITY of 6 is part 6 of an 11-part series. You can find my other Tarot Series: my 22 part series on THE MAJOR ARCANA, my 4 part series on THE SUITS OF THE TAROT, and my 4 part series on the COURT OF THE TAROT by following this link-

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