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Download English Subtitle Of Gangaajal Movie




Gangaajal Release date: 26 July 2000; Region: India, US. Number of disc: 1; Format: Video; Subtitles: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil. Length: 91 minutes. Rating: 4.0/10. Available: Yes. Year: 2000. Director: Ramesh Sippy. Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Jackie Shroff, Rimi Sen, Vivek Mushran, Anupam Bhattacharya, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, Dina Pathak, Eijaz Khan. Synopsis: Aims at reforming the corrupted systems in the society that are at the root of every crime. Review: Ok, let's get this straight. Gangaajal was released with a solemn statement from then minister of the Congress party, that this was the biggest reform of India's public services. Just how wrong was he? Well, it was almost as though he had no idea what he was saying. Was there no opposition? No public outrage? No social commentary? No polemic? Was this one of those films that came along, "pretended to be profound", and then hid itself in the "sarcasm and satire"? Was it just a way of saying, "look, we aren't completely corrupt, and some of us are alright". The movie is set in a peaceful area of central India, where a river called the Ganga flows through. A high-caste Brahmin family owns the land and many of the villagers depend on it for their livelihood. However, the land is not productive, and is only producing weeds and half-submerged crops. The family also has a maid who is illiterate and does not understand anything written down. The family lives in luxurious, garish homes, while the poor, honest village-folk live in abject poverty. One morning, the chief of the Brahmin family is taken ill and, while he is in hospital, his wife and son arrive. After a few days, the family is also taken ill, and while the son dies, the wife dies a few days later. However, the son's body is hidden by the family, and the police cannot find it, and have to assume that the boy was responsible for his own death. A few days




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