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May went by in a whirlwind of activity! I left for Ireland the last week of April with my family. Seven of us in total: my husband our two kids, my son-in-law, and our two grandchildren. Two weeks, Two cars, two Airbnbs, and a whole lot of countryside meant a fast-paced exploration of the fabulously green country of my ancestors. While this was my third trip there it was the first time for my kids and grandkids, making it extra special!

While this was a well-planned trip, I hadn't accounted for the fact that my third book-SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium's Guide to Death & Dying, would be hitting the shelves weeks before my trip; which meant lots of podcasts (I am still at it), articles to write for publications in the UK, and Australia, and a second trip to GaiaTV to record another episode of OPEN MINDS w/Regina Meredith. I got home from Ireland the first week of May, to turn around and fly out to Boulder, CO for my interview.

Having traveled during the entire eclipse season (April 20th-May 5th), plus some, and returning to multiple podcasts a week, I felt partially in a daze most of May. I did what needed doing and went through the month feeling a bit discombobulated. I ended the month of May with my 52nd birthday, something that has been on my radar since the beginning of the year, as I do numerology and my age aligned not only with my birthdate; both being 7's, and the year 2023 that is also a 7.

In numerology numbers are reduced to a single digit unless they are master numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44. To find the base number we add numbers together until they reach a single digit... 2023...2+0+2+3=7 or my birthday May 29, 1971...0+5+2+9+1+9+7+1=34 which is reduced once again from 34...3+4=7, once again my age 52...5+2=7.

Let's talk about 7 for a minute, as it is a number vibration that is affecting all of us, as we are all living in 2023 (2+0+2+3=7). Seven is a number associated with consciousness expansion and the spiritual seeker. In practical terms, this means people under the influence of 7 energy will be experiencing a heightening of their awareness; meaning they will be experiencing more input from everyday life. This most commonly manifests in the form of empathic ability, with people becoming more aware of the feelings and emotions of other people, animals, and situations. While this sounds lovely, it can also be a bit overwhelming as not everyone having these experiences will understand what is happening to them, let alone want it. When master numbers come into play; such as in my case with my birthday, and age being the same numerological vibration as the year, we can expect the experience to be super-sized!

My birthday weekend was one of recombobulation. I visited my favorite nature spots in New Hampshire, and Vermont, I soaked long in the tub and did deep journeywork with my sister in the woods of Solstice Meadow.

June began with me organizing my summer and getting events out for folks! I have some fabulous offerings this summer including 'speak-easy' style psychic soirees, gallery Seances, and a truly magical ELEMENTAL RETREAT in July! I have posted details for you all below, as well as some of my other offerings. Plus...I'm back to my regular blogging, and working on my fourth book.

Hope you all have a fabulous summer.

spreading love-



Psychic Readings, Past Life Readings, Spirit Communication,

Intuitive Healing & Mentorship


SAVE THE DATE...Saturday, October 28th, 2023

I am super excited to share this with you all! I am hosting the first WITCHES BALL in the heart of the Kingdom. This is a chance to put on your Witchy finest, and dance the night away!

I have 100 tickets to this exclusive event, and special room rates secured with the local hotel so you can fly in from whatever magical corner of the world you live in. This is an event you do not want to miss. Keep an eye out through the summer as I will be giving away FREE TICKETS to 3 lucky witches.

spreading love-salicrow

Tickets go on Sale-

September 1st for Wisdom Keepers

September 23rd for the General Public


Step through the secret garden-door and into the enchanted realm of The Pearl. While the town is fully lit up for FINAL FRIDAY the lights will be dimmed at this spirited soiree. Salicrow and The Kingdom Black Hat Society welcome you to join us for an evening of Divination, Spirit Communication, and Enchantment…

Featuring ...

Re-Blooming Arts and their new magical MOONSTRUCK perfumes…Full Moon & Dark Moon, created with glamour, enchantment, and witchy goodness for The WITCHES BALL. Come experience MOONSTRUCK for yourself and prepare yourself for a season of enchantment!

Jewelry by Hannah Wall... mystical muse, bohemian spirit, adorn yourself in magical goodness. Refresh your everyday wardrobe or buy something special for the Ball

PSYCHIC READERS- Levi Nirvana, Andrea Lovett, Jenn LeBlanc

Aura Photography

SÉANCE with Salicrow, Psychic Medium

*Light Refreshments & socializing

In the lead-up to THE WITCHES BALL in October Salicrow will be ENCHANTING THE KINGDOM with three magical pop-ups at The Pearl, aligned with St. Johnsbury’s Final Friday downtown celebrations on June 30th, July 28th, and August 25th. Between the hours of 5-8 pm, The soiree will offer curated psychic readers & healers, aura photography, book signing, and premium magical vendors. The evening will finish up with a gallery-style SÉANCE w/Salicrow, Psychic Medium (pre-purchased tickets are required for the Séance).

Those who know, know…


Join Salicrow, Psychic Medium and author of SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium’s Guide to Death & Dying for an enchanted evening of Spirit Communication in the heart of the Kingdom!

Allow your senses to expand as you enter the enchanted sacred space of ‘The PEARL’. Gather with like-minded individuals to receive messages from the Spirit World in an intimate setting. Salicrow is a compassionate, factual medium who delivers clear and concise messages between the world of the living, and that of the dead. While not all guests will receive a personal message the evening is emotionally stirring and thought-provoking for all; reassuring the audience that the world of spirit is indeed real!

You will experience-

*Messages from the Spirit World and techniques for honoring your Beloved Dead at home, in an enchanted candlelit setting.

*Light refreshments will be served prior to the event to help you relax and step into the moment.

*This Séance is part of ENCHANTING THE KINGDOM-the final Friday’s Psychic POP-UP psychic soiree at The Pearl, Salicrow’s Psychic Artisan’s Guild and Educational Center

*Salicrow will sign copies of her latest book SPIRIT SPEAKER, A Medium’s Guide to Death & Dying prior to the Séance.

FEE- $33

Guests limit- 22 people


Join Salicrow, Psychic Medium for a weekend of Psychic Development & Elemental Witchcraft. Using the elements of earth, air, fire, and water we will explore divination, geomancy, aura manipulation, glamour, and psychic sensing through interactive learning, and ceremony.


Arrival- Friday, July 21st3pm-5 pm Departure-Sunday, July 23rd-4pm FEE-$444 Wisdom Keepers-$333 with coupon: WKELEMENTALWTCH DEADLINE-July 4th. Space is limited to 22 guests LOCATION- Solstice Meadow, Newark, VT ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE- *Rough Camping @ Solstice Meadow-car & tent camping (must bring own), limited space in the bunk house (first come, first serve). Running water-hand pump, outhouse, camp kitchen, refrigerator *Airbnb- Currently there are a few places available in Newark for the dates of this event. YOU WILL LEARN- ELEMENTAL ATTUNEMENTS- *Water Attunement- Willoughby Lake *Air Attunement- The Fairy Well *Earth Attunement-Nagini the Stone Snake *Fire Attunement-Ceremonial Fire DIVINATION- *Water-scrying at a sacred well *Air-astral journeywork *Fire gazing*Earth-landscape reading. GEOMANCY- *Dowsing with pendulums and L-Rods, *Connecting to earth energy for growth & healing GLAMOUR MAGIC- * How to expand and Contract your Aura *Auric Sensing-heightened empathic awareness, feeling through the Aura AURA GAMES- *Detection of incoming energy, *Auric Identification-determining who has entered your aura CEREMONIAL FIRE-the magic of fire will grace us as the evening unfolds, and we will greet it with story & ceremony, creating a sacred community and a deeper opportunity to connect with the spirits of the land. YOU WILL NEED-sleeping bags, food for the weekend (there will be time Saturday night to go into town for dinner), layers-warm clothing, bathing suit & towel, good walking shoes, sunscreen, spiritual items, ceremonial clothing (makes you feel magical), bug spray, water bottle, raincoat/umbrella (just in case), dowsing rods & pendulums if you have them, book of shadows or journal, drum or rattle if you have them FRIDAY, July 21st 3-5pm…arrival- set up tents 5pm…opening ceremony- Landscape Reading in the Fairy Wood 6pm…dinner and preparation for the evening Dusk… Water Scrying @ the Sacred Well @ Lake Willoughby Dark…Return to Solstice Meadow- Sharing Circle & Fire Scrying SATURDAY, July 22nd 10am... Journeywork-exploring the Astral Realm Late Morning…AIR ATTUNEMENT Noon-1pm…downtime, lunch, exploration of Solstice Meadow Afternoon…Dowsing & Aura Games 5-7pm…Dinner, downtime Evening…FIRE ATTUNEMENT, Drum Circle Sunday, July 23rd 10am…Earthing-barefoot forest walk Late Morning…EARTH ATTUNEMENT Noon-1pm…Lunch, and prepare for the Lake 1pm…Fairy Grove @ Lake Willoughby, WATER ATTUNEMENT 4pm…departure

BOOKS BY SALICROW are available at these booksellers as well as small bookstores near you. Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Nobles

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