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The Spirit of Place

Over the summer my sister &  I have spent a lot of time visiting sacred places in Vermont & New Hampshire, working with the Spirit of Place (spirit of the land itself). We  feel as if the land itself is calling us.   Many of the places we visit are dense with Nature Spirits.   What has been particularly noteworthy this year,  is that the Fae (Nature Spirits) appear to want to be seen (seen, heard, felt, sensed, known) as do the Ancestors who walk these lands.  I believe this is partially due to the state of our planet & that they have a strong desire to work in partnership with those doing healing work.

Anyone & everyone can work as a healer.  We can heal ourselves, our family & the land we walk on by becoming more conscious.  It is important to note that to heal is to make well…it is not always the same as curing, after all everything must die someday, for that is the circle of life.  We are living in rapidly changing times, exciting times…our consciousness is shifting, enhancing.  More and more people are becoming aware of the unseen world & more and more people are remembering that there is power in thought.  Growing awareness and power of intention go hand &  hand.

When connecting to the Spirit of Place also know as Genius Loci the first step is to quite ones mind.  Luckily nature has a way of gently coaxing us into silence and awe.  With a quiet mind sit and listen…listen from within, the communication of Genius Loci is often messages sent to your mind.  Another helpful technique is Wide-angle Vision.  To do this soften your gaze, allowing your eyes to soften with attention paid to your peripheral vision.  I often find it easiest to explain to people by referring to the 3D pictures that were popular in the 90’s, the ones where you looked at a picture long enough and another 3 dimensional image would pop out.  Spirits both of the Dead & of Nature do not exist in the same dimension as us & they are easiest to see from our peripheral vision.  That is why most people who experience Spirits will say “I saw something out of the corner of my mind, turned around and it was gone”.  They were not gone, but not easily seen with our regular eyes forward, penetrating view.

Why connect with the Spirits of Nature?

Some might wonder why we would want to connect with the Spirits of Nature.  The Spirits of the Dead are pretty obvious, you miss Grandma, Uncle Bob or your husband and just want to connect again.  But Nature…what is there to gain by connecting with the Spirits of the Land?  Plenty my friends, plenty….This planet we walk upon, dance upon, live upon is in a pretty sorry shape if you haven’t noticed.  It is being exploited and trashed on a daily basis.  And here is the news flash folks, this our home is the only one we got!  The Spirits of Nature are aware of this as well.  Like I said earlier, this year I have been blown away by the effort the Nature Spirits are putting into being seen, felt, known.  I have found in my own experience that working with the Spirits of Nature has greatly benefited the land on which they exist.  Acknowledging that there is much more then seen by the ordinary eye gives us an understanding that the world is vaster, more interactive then popular media would have us believe.

My personal work with the Genius Loci (Spirit of Place) & the Fae Spirits of the land has been geared toward healing the Earth.  I am actively sending energy through Nodal points into the ley lines of the planet.  Ley lines are kind of like blood vessels or better yet Meridians.  They are like the super highways of the planet.  When we direct energy into them we can send deep healing to the planet, just like a human getting Reiki, Accupunture or the likes.  As a Druid this has been a big part of my work for some time & I do experience the Earth talking back to me.  The sheer number of synchronicity’s experienced by myself and those working with me is overwhelming.  I have been almost giddy on the vibration of the planet and interaction I am taking part in.  I know I am working as part of a vast system, and can send energy anywhere and everywhere through the energy lines of the planet.  This is highly rewarding work.

For those of you interested in learning more about connecting with Nature directly as well as  Geomancy & Earth Healing I highly recommend taking the Healing with Crystal Grids workshop my sister and I are hosting Saturday, September 13th.  The Druid teachers we are bringing in to teach the class have spent time and energy working deeply with Earth Healing.  Traveling to Hawaii & Japan, Andrew & Juniper have been taking their work seriously and we are excited to be bringing them to the Kingdom to share their knowledge with you.  There are still a few spots open for this powerful workshop.  If you want more info make sure to check out the Event- Healing with Crystal Grids on my facebook page Salicrow, Psychic Medium, or give me a call @ 802-473-2907.  For those of you who cannot make it, walk out into your back yard, sit under a tree and listen….listen deeply, begin the conversation with the Earth that is so needed.  We are Stewards of the Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of her.

My work as a Psychic Medium has brought me to this point in which I not only work with the Spirits of the Beloved Dead, but the Spirits of the Earth itself.  I am honored to share this work with you.  I look forward to sharing more & more of the wonders I experience.

spreading love-salicrow

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