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Stories of Spirit…Wyrd Times [exceptional moments of spirit]

Today, was a Wyrd-day (wyrd-connected to fate).  I woke up, feeling a bit off; with a hinge of anticipation, and a feeling of ‘expecting the unexpected’.  What followed waking, most certainly complied.

I had a date to spend time with my sister Sandy, I was heading down to do some Intuitive Healing (Reiki, Sound & Rune Valdr) on her.  It was only suppose to be a quick trip, as I had a shit-load of other stuff to do.  Long story short…my morning started late, we played a bit of phone tag, and I ended up arriving exactly on time.  On time, when one is guided by fate that is.  In the ‘regular’ world, I would have to say, I was actually late.  But when we don’t live by such standards, we can look at it differently; hence I arrived exactly on time...

Just as I was about to start; the front door opened, & in walked Magpie (our adopted soul sister), who also arrived exactly on time.  What proceeded was some deep healing, and an exceptional moment of Spirit.  Exceptional Moments of Spirit, are those apparently, spontaneous moments of rawness.  When you let go of the lace & frills of life, and let it all hang out; like your favorite pajamas.  They are moments of true beauty, when you feel your souls connected.  I have had many Exceptional Moments of Spirit, for which I am thankful.  My job; as a Medium & Psychic, has also aloud me to stand witness to other people’s Exceptional Moments of Spirit.  I am thankful for such times, as they remind me how magical the world really is.  They remind me that we are here; on this planet, to feel & experience what life had to offer us. This Exceptional Moment of Spirit would alone have made the day remarkable, but it goes on…

After leaving my sisters; considerably later then I intended, I went grocery shopping.  Now, I should explain that I have food allergies, am a bit of a food snob, and really value organic food.  I also, like to save money, so shopping for food is a process, that involves at least 3 stops.  I quickly discovered, that the wyrdness of my day, had not stopped.  For every where I went, things were off, and lines were busy…in fact, I believe I was arriving at each location, during some kind of rush.  I was also, almost run over or run into by more shopping carts then I cared for; including almost being run down by a high speed box cart, being pushed by an over zealous, distracted, stock girl.  Never once did I experience rudeness, in fact; everyone was quite pleasant.  By the time I arrived home, I came to the conclusion…that my energy was somehow off the Auric Radar.

Auric Radar– The Aura is the energy field that surrounds all living things.  Something that we all read Intuitively to various degree.  On a base level; it is what let’s us know how close we can stand to others, with development; it can be tuned into the emotions of others, and more.  Auric Radar, refers to that inner sensor we all have that detects others by their Aura.  It’s what lets us know that someone else is in the room with us, even if it’s completely dark & quiet.

I came to the conclusion that I was off the Auric Radar, as I was pretty much invisible all day, unless I was making eye contact, and talking.  For me, that’s a surprisingly, rare event, as I’m not much of a crowd blender.  I know this can be logically explained as just an off day, or that I showed up at a busier time, because I started my day late, or that other people were all distracted.  But here is the beauty of it…It can also be more…I do not believe in coincidences.  I do see the rationale of starting my day late, leading to a busier arrival time at stores.  However, the late start of my day, allowed me to arrive exactly on time, at my sisters house.

So, why did I need to be off the radar?  Well, quite frankly, I suck at it.  I have worked extensively with Aura Manipulation; expanding & contracting ones Aura at will, glamour magic, and Psychic Reading through Auras.  One thing I realized was that I was not very good at invisibility.  Get your mind out of Super Hero movies...think- hiding in plane sight; blending into the crowd so thoroughly, that others do not remember seeing you.  I have found, that I am not very good at that.  In fact, I found the best way for me to hide my Aura, is to make it so big, that I was everywhere.  But this experience today, this moment of Wyrd, has me thinking, it might be time to try again.

Well there you have it; another ramble, another tale.  I hope you enjoyed the read Folks, and remember…Sometimes we are late for a reason.  So, the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, in the long line at the grocery store, or any of the those other annoying moments you run into, stop and wonder.  Maybe there is something waiting for you there, a lesson or experience, you are meant to have…a moment of Wyrd.

spreading love-salicrow

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