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Stories of Spirit…Where has Sali been all summer? [expansion, growth & the Grindstone Cafe

The Veil between the worlds is thinning, and my spirit is longing for the deep introspection of the winter months. I am ready for cozy layers and deep conversations over hot cups of coffee, and I am ready to write again.  Many of you may have noticed that I have been absent from my weekly blogging this summer.  In fact, I have not had time to write for the last 4 months, as I have been driven by wild squirrels; revved up on caffeine.

I have spoken often of my relationship with Squirrel, and how I consider ‘Squirrel on Crack’ to be my dark totem.  The concept of ‘dark totem’ is one most people are surprised by, never having heard the term before.  There is a good chance I made up the terminology, but the role and effect are real.

A ‘Dark Totem’ is one in which we must be leary of the personality traits that we have in common.  In my case, I have a tendency to take on the not so pleasant aspects of Squirrel, the running to and fro…gathering, gathering, gathering, do, do, do.  I have to be careful how long I play with Squirrel energy as it will burn me out.  My analogy of ‘Squirrel on Crack’ is due to the fact that my squirrel runs faster than normal and then crashes hard like an overzealous party guest.  Working with a ‘dark totem’ animal requires constant vigilance, as what they bring to the table is helpful in the short run, but often destructive if engaged with for too long.  That being said, the Squirrel and I are getting ready to part ways, we need some time apart.

Last year I was sitting in my living room when a familiar voice popped into my mind.  The voice was my own, but it was not my mind simply chattering with itself, it was my voice speaking to me from the distant future.  {This is something I have done throughout my life, in fact, my sister Sandy and I started communicating with our adult selves in the mirror when we were 3-4 years old.}  The message I brought to myself was that my life would become significantly more intense in the year to come/this year-2018.  That the speed/fullness of my life would jump from 1-10 in the blink of an eye.  At the time of the telling, I believed that this was simply in reference to my book coming out and all that would entail.  In truth, the book was only half of it.

In May of this year, I approached my business partner Kim; whom I owned a small cafe & studio with, about renting another room in the building, noting that with my schedule, yoga and the workshops we were offering we were running out of space.  The next day, our landlady called us to say that the tanning salon next door would not be renewing their lease.  We took this as a sign that we were ready for more than another room.

On June 1st we began construction and our little cafe & studio began the journey of expansion…one that absorbed my summer and a good portion of the fall.  What was a small coffee shop with an upstairs studio space, that functioned as my office, a yoga studio, and workshop space, was transformed into a large espresso bar/cafe, retail shop and wellness center with 2 classrooms, and 5 practioner rooms.  All of this was going on while I was still carrying on my regular client hours, teaching occasional workshops and doing a bit of sacred travel.  It was a huge effort, made more enjoyable by the many hands that contributed….so there you have it, the where the fuck was Sali, why hasn’t she been writing question has been answered.

The Grindstone Cafe & Wellness Center now 90% complete, and I am now in the act of organizing my own work schedule.  Which brings me to point #2…I have brought on a SCHEDULING ASSISTANT!  After a summer of crazy, squirrel infused action, I decided it was time to really get organized and that I was not qualified to do so myself.  Those of you reaching out to me for appointments will notice that inquiries are now being signed HUGIN & MUNIN, not Spreading love-salicrow.  HUGIN & MUNIN is the working moniker of my scheduling assistant.  They are also the names of Odin’s Ravens Hugin-thought & Munin-memory. Please note that any messages you send me will stay confidential, as my assistant has worked in the medical field and is quite aware of HIPAA regulations.  We will be working to streamline scheduling and will be asking all inquiries be sent to (my scheduling email), or to my professional Facebook page Salicrow, Psychic Medium.  If you send a scheduling message to my private Sali Crow Facebook page, you will get a response sending you to my email or my professional page.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding as I go through this big time of change.  Please note-I am back to my regular writing routine and you should be hearing from me again weekly!

spreading love-salicrow

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