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Stories of Spirit…What is a Seance? [What you need to know when consulting a Medium}

SEANCE-To sit in reverence.  A meeting in which people gather to make contact with the Dead, especially through aid of a Medium.

As a Psychic Medium I spend much of my time connected to the Dead & helping others have communication with their loved ones in Spirit.  When people first experience Spirit Communication they often do not know what to expect.  I usually start by telling people that there is nothing scary about a Seance.  All the fear comes from too many bad 80’s movies and too much Scooby Doo.  A Seance is more likely to make you laugh & cry then it is to scare you.  Remember you are seeking connection with your Beloved Dead (friends, family, ancestors & spirit guides).  In many ways it is like attending a family reunion.

So what can you expect at a Seance?

First most I must say that like plumbers, not all Mediums are equally skilled.  Just because someone says they can do something, does not always mean they can.  So the first step is to find a good Medium.  They are out there, and their reputations should speak for itself.  It does not matter how many people they have worked for as much as how satisfied those people were with the service.  A good Medium should be able to give you clear, concise, detailed information.  Their techniques for communication may vary, but the ability to deliver real information is pertinent.  You should be able to recognize the Spirit they are speaking to, if your Dead Grandma comes through they should be able to give you enough information that you know you are speaking with Grandma.

Now that we have a good Medium in our service, let’s talk about the Seance itself.  Generally speaking Seances are held in small groups, with no more then 1/2 a dozen guest present.  This is to make sure that each guest receives a message.  Communicating with Spirits is energetically taxing for the Medium and the Spirits involved.  This is due to the fact that Spirits must borrow energy from the Medium in order to make contact.  I call it borrowing, as most Mediums regain the energy used in a short amount of time.  For example: I can communicate with Spirits clearly for about 2 hours, then I must take a short rest before doing it again.  Another interesting note is that I drain batteries…phones, watches, hand held devices, etc.  Most Mediums know how long they can consecutively communicate with Spirits and use this time frame as a base for the length of their Seances.  So a Seance with me is approximately 2 hours long.

Receiving communication from your Beloved Dead is often an emotional experience.  This emotional state can make us forget things, like half the stuff said at the Seance.  So bring something to record your session.  Most Smart Phones have enough time on their voice recorders to record a full session.  I encourage people to record their session as it will be something they can visit again and again when missing their loved ones & most likely hear things we had forgotten.

Since we are talking about recordings its a good time to mention how much you talk at a Seance.  As a general rule I tell people not to give too much information at a Seance.  When a Medium asks you a question, such as “Your Father is showing me a school bus, does this make sense to you?  All you need to do is answer “Yes he has a connection to school buses”.  If you go on to talk about how your Father was a school bus driver and he drove it for 20 years, then you might be taking the rest of the information your Dad was going to share.  Trust me on this one…it will mean a lot more to you when you re-listen to your Seance if that information came from the Medium-not you.  It will give you more confirmation that your experience was genuine.

Tissue…I always tell people that they want tissue on the table.  Communication with the Dead is emotional.  We miss them, we love them, we have hard feelings, we have unfinished business, we have emotions…I often feel like my work as a Medium is that of a Healer.  Inevitably there will be some Spirit at a Seance who had left unexpectedly or with unfinished business.  After passing into Spirit they spend a lot of time listening and watching the ones that they love &  the ones who their lives effected.  Many times this view helps them to grow and heal and they take the opportunity while speaking through a Medium to make amends and say their goodbyes and I love yous.

Patience…Even though a  message is delivered to each guest, there will be guest who seem to get longer communication.  This is not like eating pizza, not everyone gets the same sized piece.  Some Spirits are better at communicating then others.  You may patiently sit through your friends long, detailed communication with her brother to find that your Uncle is not as good of a communicator and doesn’t have as much to say.  That’s no different then life, folks…some people are better communicators then others.

Love…Come to a Seance with an open heart and love to offer.  Love for yourself and love for the Spirits you seek.  It is not easy for them to communicate with you, they have to put effort into that communication.  If you are heading to a Seance for healing, please be ready to heal…be ready to experience with love.  We are all flawed (yes..some of us more then others), not a single one of us is perfect.  Forgiveness is a powerful thing & love…well love is the most powerful thing.

I hope you found this helpful & enjoyed the read.  If you are interested in my Psychic Medium services make sure to check out my Facebook page-Salicrow, Psychic Medium or send me an email at

spreading love-salicrow

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